Simple DIY Arrows

I think this is quite possibly the easiest DIY I've ever completed. I literally did this while standing at the kitchen counter. 

I've seen DIY arrows all over the web, so one afternoon when I already had my crafting stuff out for another project, I thought I'd whip up a couple. They're great because they're perfect for fabric and paper scraps or any small extras laying around from an old project. 

Not pictured: A glue gun - very important. I also ended up using a few wooden beads I found as I was hunting around the house for things I could use. Oh, and the wooden sticks are actually skewers for grilling - at this point, I'm not sure I'm ever going to get a chance to use them again because summer will NEVER come, but that's off topic.

Back to the arrows: What's great is that anything goes - mine are pretty "boyish" because I ended up putting them in Eli's room, but you could easily make them girly, or grown up, or well, to fit anything you want.

Making the point on the arrow was fun. Lots of ways you could this. Took me back to my 3rd grade art class. I'm intentionally not giving you instructions on how to do this because in this project, anything goes.

This project also renewed my love for washi tape. That stuff is seriously amazing. As I was hanging the arrows in the nursery, I started wondering where else I could put the tape. Turns out the picture frame was begging for a little spring. Take that winter. 

It was all I could do to not wrap the entire crib in washi tape.  

But then I decided that would take too long and be too tedious. I like my projects fast. Just like these arrows.


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