This Is How I Feel, VII

I apologize in advance - Mike and I are in a Sherlock marathon and the entire time I was watching it I kept thinking about how their expressions were perfect for This Is How I Feel. Also, PSA: If you are not watching Sherlock, you should start right now. 

When I hear any song that's not set to children's twinkle music.

When someone suggests we go out for coffee.

When someone is holding Eli and he spits up on them.

When I saw Eli's first tooth break through.

When Mike shows me a bog post I wrote that has a million typos in it. (Sorry!)

When people are playing with Eli and the entire room hears him poop.

 The entire week that Eli was teething.

When I remember that I have a super new shirt hanging in my closet in the middle of a conversation.

When people tell me that Eli adorable and looks just like me (He doesn't, but I'll take the compliment):

When I post an Instagram photo of Eli and only get a handful of likes:


  1. We did a Sherlock marathon while I was on bed rest and LOVED it. It's been painful to stay up waaaaay past out bed time to watch it every Sunday night, but completely worth it. Sometimes I think I like it more than *gasp* Downton Abbey. Our favorite thing to do is to say "Moriarty" in a crackly gross voice randomly in the middle of a conversation. Also - can I name our next child Mycroft?

    1. PLEASE name your next child Mycroft! :) I love that you guys are watching it - not surprised at all. We'll have to swap thoughts next time we see you. Which reminds me: I MISS YOU.

  2. Haha, these posts always make me laugh. Thanks for the's a good start to the weekend. :)

  3. Okay, you are cracking me up with this post. I watched the last 2 seasons of Sherlock while Mike had mono last month and we are catching up on the most recent season (torture that they are only 3 eps each season) right now. We were freaking out last night with the wedding episode, it has to be the first time I have ever seen Sherlock smile!

    p.s. Hope your babe is better soon, we missed seeing you at church!

    1. I know! I hate how there are only three episodes a season! I don't care if they're an hour and a half, I'll watch one every night for the rest of my life thank you very much! The wedding episode is crazy and it's so weird to see him have "interest!" :) Just wait till the finale - it'll blow your mind. We missed seeing you too! We NEED together sometime soon!