Eli's First Birthday Party Invitations

It's so hard to believe that in just four weeks Eli will be one! I've been working on his first birthday party for a few weeks now, and am getting really excited about it - because the party is really about Mike and I surviving our first year of parenting, right? 

Don't worry, we'll let Eli share in a little bit of the celebration too. 

For the theme, I'm going with a bit of a "loose" carnival theme. I wanted to incorporate animals because Mike and I have decided that Eli loves them, plus, we wanted a party atmosphere, and we thought a carnival theme would accomplish just that. Typically I design all my own invitations, announcements and Christmas cards, but when I found "The Big One" invites on Minted's website, I knew they would be perfect for the look I was trying to achieve and save me a ton of time by not having to create them from scratch. 

I've ordered artwork and calendars from Minted before, but I had never ordered any of their cards - they are LOVELY and I love the dotted scallop edge. I definitely couldn't have achieved that had I designed and printed them myself. 

I also love that Minted will address your envelops for free, so for most of them I just had Minted print the addresses on the envelopes, but there are a handful of people we see quite regularly in-person (our small group, and local family members) so for them, I thought it'd be fun to try my hand at a little calligraphy.

At first, I was incredibly slow and would practice one name for FOREVER on a scrap sheet of paper. This is embarrassing, but please see below: 

But pretty quickly I got into a groove and the font I had created started to flow naturally, to where eventually I didn't need to test out the names any more. I was having so much fun I was wishing I hadn't had Minted address those envelopes! I was looking all over the place for something else to write, but eventually my hand cramped up so much I had to stop, so it's a good thing I did have them address the bulk of the invites.

If you're in the market for invitations or announcements - I'd definitely recommend Minted. Use this link to get 15 percent off any baby or kids order. 

* While this is not a sponsored post, the invitations for Eli's birthday were provided to me by Minted. All opinions are my own. 
** Affiliate links included.


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