How Great The Future Will Be

The other day Eli was sitting on my lap in the nursery and he lifted my shirt only to become fascinated with my belly button. I started telling him all about how he lived in there not too long ago, and how I was scared to meet him but he turned out to only be a little bit scary when I met him in real life. He kept poking and pushing on my belly button - and I don't know about any of you other momma's out there, but my belly button is still tender for some reason - it hurt! I told him to be gentle, but those words mean nothing to an almost-one year old and then he's grabbing and pawing at any little bit of extra skin on my stomach, pulling and pushing it all around. Next thing you know, I'm having flashbacks of when the Dr. pushed on my stomach right after Eli was born to "shrink my enormously huge uterus" or something like that. I pulled my shirt down and Eli pulled it right back up using his infamous little pointer finger to poke right at my belly button again.

The kid has absolutely no discretion.

It's crazy to think I'll have a one year old in less than two weeks. Over this past month, Eli has done A LOT of changing and he really is turning into a toddler. I've mentioned before that I'm not very sentimental, but I'm finding myself becoming a hot mess as I realize how much things have changed. He (usually) looks at me when I speak and seems to comprehend most of what I'm saying. He signs to me and certainly knows how to make his preferences clear. The other day I took away a pair of socks he was playing with so I could put them away and the kid got angry. Like genuinely angry. And he wouldn't be calmed down until I gave the socks back to him. Like, I mean, please tell me, when did he stop being so oblivious to the world around him? When did he start actually caring about socks? When did he begin to start caring about anything but when he gets his next meal?

I suppose it's all part of him beginning to become a mid-sized human, and it's a good thing, but it's a bit hard for me to accept that he's no longer a baby, he's a little boy!

I am excited for the changes ahead and every day it seems like Eli and I become better and better friends which I totally love. So I'm finding that I need to remind myself of how great the future will be, rather than cling to the past. Because if this past year is even a small glimmer of the happiness the future will hold, I know it's gonna' be great.

---> And hopefully in the very near future, the word "gentle" will carry a bit more more meaning for him.


  1. Ohh that last sentence makes me really excited!!!! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness ... I am working on "gentle" with my 13 month old right now. She keeps smashing me in the face with books or whatever she has in her hands. We've been holding her hand and guiding it softly while saying "gentle, gentle." Now she thinks the word gentle means "stroke softly." It's a work in progress.

    If Eli is into belly buttons, you have GOT to get Sandra Boyton's Belly Button Book. It's amazing.

  3. Haha, oh no, no, no. That was NOT a hint! :)

  4. Ha! Love it! Stroking totally works - I'd take that! Thanks for the book tip, I'll look into it!