New Mom Confessions: Amber from Mommy's Me Time

Today is the first guest post for New Mom Confessions! I'm so excited to have Amber here from Mommy's Me Time sharing her confessions. She and I have a few connections, so it seems like we were always destined to be friends, and she's also a fellow contributor with me to Twin Cities Moms Blog. She has quite the brood at home, with a two year old, one year old twins, and one on the way ---- which means she'll have three under four when the new babe comes in September. Suffice it to say, she's sort of a mommy all-star. My mom-jeans and I bow down to you, Amber. I think you should grant yourself an extra three minutes in the shower today. Or maybe just an extra cup of coffee. Who has time to shower for three whole minutes with that much going on? 

When Amber's not wrangling her three kiddos or growing another one in her belly, you can find her blogging at Mommy's Me Time, or 'grammin, tweetin' and 'booking.

Hello Oakland Avenue readers! I'm so excited to have the chance to chat with you today and to be included in this awesome series!
A little about me: I have a two year old son, newly one-year-old twin daughters, and a fourth baby coming in September! It's safe to say we celebrate craziness over here. As our family has grown I've learned fussing over the little things I once did simply isn't worth the brain space.
With that said, here are my confessions.
  • In order to survive Target runs with three kids under three, I happily use bribery. The free cookies they give out at the bakery are my saving grace, along with the Disney Planes toy aisle. Case and point that my son knows what's going down? He starts yelling "COOKIE!" and "AIRPLANE!" when we drive into the parking lot.
  • If my mom didn't come to help me clean my house, the last time it would have been thoroughly dusted probably would have been February of 2013. Moms are the best.
  • There are plenty of moments when all three kids are screaming simultaneously. In those moments I find it best to take a deep breath, embrace the chaos, and scream right along with them.
  • I give Annie's mac and cheese to my kids once a week. Okay let's be honest, twice a week and leftovers are served the following day. At least it's Annie's, right?
  • It's common for my kids to be wearing mismatched socks. They're not old enough to know the difference, but soon enough they'll realize getting a matched pair is comparable to winning the lottery.
  • Every morning my little guy helps me vacuum. And by help I mean he chases our yellow lab around with his toy vacuum, while I look the other way and chalk it up as helping him burn off some energy.
  • I'm not usually up and at 'em before my kids. As much as I want to be an early morning person, we all wake up around the same time, so the logical window to squeeze in a shower is during the girls' morning nap. This means I shower with my son, and his toy airplanes. Every. Single. Day.
  • If my kids' teeth get brushed 4 days a week we're doing good. They're just gonna fall out anyway, right?
  • Pregnant or not, I drink at least a cup of coffee a day. Won't live without it. Gotta have it.
  • There are days when I count down the hours until bedtime. But then as soon as they're all fast asleep my husband and I scroll through our phones, looking at all their sweet photos, missing them as if we've been on vacation for a week. They have our hearts.  
  • I randomly declare dance parties during meal times just so I can see all three adorable heads bop back and forth while they smile up at me with food all over their faces.
  • There were times this winter when cabin fever was so thick in the air that I'd bundle everybody up, strap them in their car seats and go to the Starbucks drive thru just so I could get a vanilla latte.
  • Whether it's a four hour ride to grandma and grandpa's farm, or a five minute trip to the store, we always have videos playing in the car. I heart Baby Einstein.
  • While the mornings come too soon and the days can feel long, I love our wild and beautiful life. These years are the best ones to date, and I go to bed every night feeling blessed beyond measure.
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  1. Oh Amber, I love you dear kindred spirit - and we haven't even had a chance to meet in person yet! Cracking up about the teeth brushing, coffee everyday no matter what, mis-matching socks, kids screaming...I guess I can relate to all of them :-) yes, yes, and yes!

  2. Amber, I love SO much of this! I have the hardest time making sure my girls have their teeth brushed and love so many of your confessions! I still think you're a SuperMom and you make it look easy, but so glad to know you're normal too! ;) Love seeing you on Oakland Avenue!

  3. Holy moly, mama! You go! 4 kids under 3?! Loved this post!

  4. Mom Confessions are one of my favorite posts on your blog. They always make me smile and think I'm not crazy for the things I do that I said I would never do as a mom. Just goes to show that we don't deserve to judge, especially until we've walked a mile in someone else's shoes, and maybe not even then either. Judging accomplishes nothing.

  5. Happily, mismatched socks are trendy for the older kiddos - my five year old and 9 year old never have matching socks unless it's with a school uniform. I'm hoping the trend never goes away!

  6. Thanks Jennifer! I'm so glad you like them. Agree that judging is worthless - I think every mom in the world can relate to another mom, sometimes we just have to work a little harder to find common ground. :)