New Mom Confessions: Emily At From The Jensens

This week's guest post for New Mom Confessions comes from my lovely sister-in-law, Emily, who blogs at From the Jensens. Like last week's guest contributor Amber, Emily has twinsies and a toddler running around and she's another mom that I look at in awe for her patience, positive attitude and unnatural ability to still look stunning after getting only a few hours of sleep. I don't know how those twin moms do it. Emily's one of my closest friends and her heart for the Lord and finding God in the every day is always challenging to me. I mean, currently she's writing a series about how fashion relates to theology - something I never think about when getting dressed in the morning. But after reading a few of her posts, I've never looked at my chambray shirt the same. Check it out if you have time!

You can find more of Emily on her blog and on Facebook. 
Hi, I'm Emily and I blog over at From the Jensens about faith, motherhood and homemaking.  Our family expanded faster than we ever imagined when we found out I was pregnant with twins as our first son reached 11 months old.  Since then, I've been living in a whirlwind, and honestly - I wouldn't change it for anything!  Here are some of my new "twin" mommy confessions.
  • From the day the twins were born, I've almost obsessively measured out the exact same amount of milk for each of them.  It seemed weird to offer one boy more milk than the other.  (Breast milk was rationed down to the nearest .001 ounce.)
  • I compulsively and unintentionally coordinate my boy's clothes everyday.  I used to think, "I'm not going to dress my twins in coordinating clothes...that's unnecessary."  But I've come to realize, it's just one of those twin mommy mysteries.
  • I've been known to sneak out of our bedroom on my hands and knees to avoid being spotted by two silent wide-eyed babies who are trying to fall asleep.  If they see mommy, they start bawling.  So logically, I should sneak around...right?
  • I'm pretty sure people are going to be asking me "who's who" their entire lives.  It's amazing to me how few people can easily tell the boys apart.  Even their closest family members struggle (cough*their dad*cough). 
  • Sometimes the twins are crying and all I see is a toddler running away with a mischievous grin on his face.  I've witnessed toothbrushes forced into mouths and remote controls being weilded as weapons.  Their biggest safety threat is a pint-sized boy with a strong will.
  • Most days, my only exercise is what I like to call the "baby retrieval sprint".  When my toddler is awake, I have to leave one baby on the couch while I go get the other baby for a feeding.  So I run.  I full out sprint through the house to get the other baby, and sprint back just in time to prevent my toddler from assuming his role as 'mommy's helper'.  (phew, no eyes poked out). 
  • The other day I wiped my hand directly on a poopy bottom.  I was busy bragging to Laura about the fact that my babies never have blowouts when I smushed my hand into warm poo that was all the way up my child's back.  (p.s.  That's always what you get as a parent when you try to brag on your kids.)
  • It actually took me a lot longer to bond with the twins than it did my first child.  The babies spent their first several hours away from me  and their first 8 days in the NICU.  I didn't nurse (well I tried a little, but I spent more time with my pump than nuzzling newborns), and for the first 12 weeks of their life, it felt like I ran a marathon, taking care of one need after another.  Don't get me wrong, I've LOVED them from the start, but at 4 months old I'm just now starting to feel like I enjoy them and know them individually.
  • Finally, you must understand that it's ADORABLE to watch the twins smile and coo at one another. It's the cutest and most rewarding thing as a twin mommy so far, and it almost makes me want to have twins again...wait...did I just say that? 
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  1. Megan - I can't imagine the cuteness of seeing the twins holding hands or playing together. Heart-melting I'm sure!! Oh, and in my short experience, I'm already amazed at the things people say to me in public. I'm sure it will only get more exciting as I continue to venture out with my kiddos. :-)

  2. Rachael SandersonApril 5, 2014 at 3:48 PM

    I've just found out I'm expecting twins when my youngest will be 18 months. I'd love to know how you manage to transport them all in order to go out for the day? Thanks.

  3. Rachael - Wow! Congrats! Mine are almost 16 months apart, so I know a little bit of what you are in for :-) Overall, I'm so happy that we had ours close together, even with the challenges. As far as getting them out goes, we are still figuring out the best strategy and I don't take them anywhere that I don't have someone waiting on the other end to help. I can't carry two car seats and hold my toddler's hand at the same time. One of my goals this year is to figure out how to take them on an errand by myself (although I admit, it sounds scary). We did invest in a nice stroller that can hold all three littles, so I can at least go for a walk around the neighborhood and get some fresh air. For car transportation, we own a van and put the two infant car seats in the back row while our toddler's convertible car seat sits in one of the middle row captain's seats. We removed the second captain's seat so there is a big open space for me to climb into when I click in the infant car seats. Does that make sense? It's hard to cover all the details here, so if you have any other specific questions, I'd be happy to share anything I can! (I had a couple of twin moms help me along the way too!)