New Mom Confessions

  • Eli ate one of those little no-slip circles you put on the bottom of furniture feet the other day. I heard him smacking something in his mouth around, so I rushed over and jammed my finger in his mouth, attempting to swipe it out. It was tough because I was trying to avoid the deadly finger guillotines while squeezing his cheeks and swiping the finger hook all over. Before I knew it he took the biggest swallow you've ever seen and it was gone forever. Well, until a day and a half later when I found it in the gross. 
  • Eli has been really into resting his head on my shoulder lately. It's pure bliss if I've ever experienced it. It last for about three seconds at a time and it's all I can do to just hold my hand on his head and force him to stay there. I know, I know, I can't do that - I just waaaaaaant to. 
  • The other day I was eating at a restaurant and I started using Eli's bright green and yellow baby spoon to shovel my food in. I was two bites in before I realized it - thankfully, I was with another mom who understood and one of my best friends who has to accept me no matter what I do. 
  • While I love it when Eli has a great napping day, I truly could care less how his naps go, as long as he still sleeps through the night. I have absolutely no idea how I woke up all the time when he was a newborn. I mean, I was amazing to do that for so many months - no shame in patting myself on the back there. 
  • Recently, I found myself flipping through Feedly on my phone while absentmindedly dangling a toy in front of Eli's face so I could buy a few more minutes on the www. Eventually I looked over and realized that Eli wasn't paying any attention to my halfhearted efforts - he of course had found a piece of lint that was much better than my terrible attempt at multi-tasking. I felt so bad about it that the rest of the day, anytime he was awake I gave him my undivided attention and celebrated every little thing he did. I've never been so excited about lint-pointing in my life. 

Annnnnnd, get excited because starting next week, I'm opening New Mom Confessions (NMC) up to guest bloggers! While I have enough confessions to write a NMC every single day, I thought it'd be fun to hear a confessions from other moms on the webby. Most will be from first-time moms, but I also have a few that have been around the block a couple times already - because no matter where we're at in this motherhood thing, we'll never have it all together - which means we all have confessions to make. If you have a blog and would like to share your confessions, email me for the details!


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