This Is How I Feel IX

When someone starts telling me they were back in their pre-baby jeans by four weeks. (Or eight or 12 or 16...)

When trying lift Eli in his infant car seat onto anything above waist height. (This is exactly why we have now switched to a convertible car seat.)

When another mom admits to me her kid ate a non-edible object too.

When Eli's rolling around in the middle of the living room and I have to jump over him to rescue my computer from getting beat on.

When someone asks me why I became a SAHM.

JK JK JK JK.   :(

When I see a child misbehaving and am watching to see how the parents handle it.

Every time I use my Target Red Card and save 5 percent. (Now if only I could get Mike to see it that way.)

When someone tells me that "motherhood looks good on me."

When I think Eli is playing quietly by himself at least 10 feet away and suddenly I realize he's rolled right under my feet.

When my iPhone dies because I've used it too much that day.

When Eli's crying in the car during a long road trip and I'm all out of tricks to make him stop.

When looking at the fridge and trying to figure out what to feed Eli and I for lunch. 

When I really start thinking about how Eli isn't truly crawling yet.

When we have guests and I inevitably trip over a toy in the living room.

When yet another mom tells me how great her minivan is and that I'll eventually rock one too -- and I don't want to admit she's right. 

When I get to eat by myself.

At the end of the day when I realize that I never had to change Eli's outfit and he's still semi-clean.

When I bring inside a new Amazon shipment.

 When Eli only drops three pieces of food on the floor instead of 65,000.

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  1. I AM DYING. Like, embarrassing loud, not appropriate for the office kind of laughing. That kitten and the lizards? Tears. Flowing. Bless you for making my day.

  2. Haha, I'm laughing out loud picturing you laughing at work in a quiet office! :)

  3. This is so hilarious and I can relate to just about every single one!