Worth Sharing

Have you heard of the blog Spoon Fork Bacon? If not, get over there now. I stumbled on it through Pinterest and spent a good chunk of nap time just browsing their recipes. It's a great blog for entertaining recipes and I found lots of good ideas for a dinner party I'm hosting later this week.

Have a wall you need to fill on the cheap? This list of 10 sources for free art would be perfect. There's just something about the word FREE that makes my heart a'flutter a little bit, and there are a few botanical prints in there that really make it get going. Be still my little beating heart. Be still.

In my last Worth Sharing, I had a link to a handful of awesome poufs, but a lot of them were out of my budget when I took a closer look. These poufs from Target are much more wallet-friendly and I love the prints.

Related to the The Bullseye, this link I posted on Facebook the other day about "a woman's mind at Target," is right on the money. Shopping there is the closest I'll ever get to doing drugs. This article is my experience every. single. time.

A while back I took a poll on Facebook and Instagram on what convertible car seat to purchase. We ended up with the Chicco NextFit - mostly because it was the number one most recommended brand from all of you. I did a bit of research on it and liked what I read, plus I could get it on sale through Buy Buy Baby. We've been using it for a couple weeks now and are very happy with it, although I don't think you can really go "wrong" with a convertible carseat.

Have you seen this little four year old who designs dresses with her mom out of paper? It's jaw-dropping. She gon' win the next Project Runway - fo sho.

Last week on Twin Cities Moms Blog I wrote a super honest post about how I didn't really like Eli when I met him. Eeeeek. I still feel guilty about it today, even though my feelings have done a 180 and I can barely imagine that those feelings were true. Curious if any of you other mothers had the same experience?

On to a (sort of) PSA: If you typically use Facebook to find out when I publish new posts here on OA, you might not be seeing what I push out. (I've had a few of you write saying you've missed posts here or there.) That's because Facebook is LAME-O and won't show you things unless you interact with them. Ever wonder why you see the same 30 people's updates in your news feed over and over again when you have 9,000 friends? That's why. If you like or comment on something, you see more of it. So if you want to see more of OA, give a post on the Facebook page a like or comment every once in a while and it'll pop up more often. But maybe not. And that's fine too. Sometimes I don't want to see me either. Especially first thing in the morning when Eli was three weeks old. Oofta.

Speaking of likes and comments, I hesitate to share this post for fear that it will be taken the wrong way, but I read a great post the other day from the blog Where My Heart Resides on how to support your favorite bloggers. I used to be a very behind-the-scenes blog reader until I found myself on the other side and started to "get it." I'll be honest, it is nice to make a little side moolah from this site, particularly because I put so much time and effort into sharing things with you all, but I definitely don't write for the money - this is my hobby, my SAHM outlet, my connection to other living, breathing, human beings that don't poop into a diaper. And I would do it (and did do it!) even if I never made a penny. But I wholeheartedly agree with the post. The blogging world is pretty much the wild wild west of of the internetz and bloggers and readers are all just trying to figure out how everything works. This is a great post for anyone who reads blogs and I would encourage you to read it and see where you can put it into practice - particularly the emotional/community building ones - those are my favorite ones, and I am not just saying that. I LOVE hearing from you all! -------> If you don't believe me, please see note above about people that don't poop into a diaper. 

One last note: If you want to understand more about the nitty-gritty of blogging (it's a fascinating topic, isn't it?) this post from Life In Grace is pretty good at explaining what goes into it.

Deep breath. Okaaaay, done. Over and out.


  1. I died when I read that post about the trip to Target - spot on and felt like it could have been you writing it. HA! Also, thank you for the links to the free art. I have lots of big blank walls to fill!!

  2. Glad you liked the links! While I don't have any blank walls right now, I'm contemplating what I can switch up so that I can fit some of that artwork in my house!