Worth Sharing

Growing up, many of my after-school days were spent riding horses through cornfields and creek beds - spending hours away from home without my parents knowing exactly where I was. This article in The Atlantic about how overprotected kids are today was insightful for what overprotection does to childhood and reminded me just how much I loved my care-free, parent-free, days. The author talks about how kids need danger and to feel like they are taking great risks - even if that's not what it is in reality. I can already feel myself not letting Eli take risks for fear of him hurting himself - catching a fall here, not letting him go there - but after this read I'm trying to resist some of my natural instincts to protect him from every little bump and bruise - and I hope I'll be brave enough to give him a childhood that's similar to mine. It's a long read, but there are a lot of interesting things in there!

Have you all read The Book Thief? I keep meaning to mention it here. I hadn't read a quality page-turner in a while (often, you get one or the other with a book, amiright?) and I loved this book. If you're looking for a new read, I'd recommend it.

Speaking of books, we all know the book, I Love You Forever is the most creepy-sweet book ever written. But after reading this, I no longer believe that it's creepy. Check it out to learn the story behind the book, and to hear the tune the author sings the song to. I guarantee it'll change your heart about the book.

I love me some Chipotle, and in recent years, Mike and I have decided it's best for our wallet and our waistline for us to split a bowl, chips and guac. But these tips on how to get bigger portions at Chipotle are making me want to throw my waistline-cause out the window.

Nearly every day I receive an email asking me what sleep training method we used with Eli and how in the heck I got him to sleep so much. If you're still looking for answers, here are 62 tricks to getting your baby to sleep. While I'm a believer in many of the tips on this list, the fact that there are 62 different tricks to getting a baby to sleep is ridiculous - begging the question that's on all of our minds: WHY ARE BABIES SO TEMPERAMENTAL ABOUT SLEEP?!?

This study in Time about parents being crankier when they use their smartphone around their kids should be a no brainer, but it was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me. Let's be honest, I definitely find Eli more annoying when I'm trying to do important multitasking on *cough*Instagram*cough* and playing with him. I'm now trying to put the phone far, far away when he's awake and give him more quality, less cranky time with me.


  1. Sleep and babies...ha! Anyway, interesting concept about the smartphone...what a world we live in now!