DIY Cake Bunting + Simple Smash Cake Recipe

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In recent years, a smash cake has become so much more than just something to eat at a first birthday party. It's a dessert, yes, but it's also a major decoration and these days, it's become the "big event" at the party.

So when I started thinking about Eli's smash cake I knew I needed to pull in a professional. Luckily, one of my close friends is Madison from Espresso and Cream, who also works as a food editor and recipe developer. When I approached her on the idea of making Eli's smash cake, I told her about how I had looked all over the place for a healthy, yet pretty smash cake recipe and kept coming up empty. Most healthy smash cakes seem to be super dense, making it tough for a baby to dig into it and often they are well, brownish in color - which isn't pretty at all. While I'm not against sugar - Eli has had his fair share of ice cream, cupcakes and other desserts - I usually limit his intake of it a bit. But for his big day, I really wanted to let him go all out, while still feeling good about what he was eating with something that was at least semi-healthy.

And boy did Madison deliver. The cake was gorgeous, delicious and for the most part, healthy - and it was hands down my favorite decoration AND food item at the party. I created the toppers for the cake, but Madison truly did the heavy lifting with all the recipe testing and development. Together, I think we turned out a pretty sweet cake.

Below, I'm sharing how I created the bunting and today she is sharing the recipe for the smash cake on her blog. So once you're done here, head on over to check it out!

While Eli was a bit slow to start (it was pointer finger mania at the beginning), once he tasted it, he dug right in.

If you don't read Madison's blog, I'd highly recommend checking it out. She not only shares delicious, healthy recipes that are easy to make at home, but she's also incredibly real and authentic about life - it's highs and lows and everything in between. You can learn more about her story here and here, but of course, as stories go, hers still continues to be told, so be sure to follow along.

Alrighty, on to the cake bunting. This little DIY is super easy to make and can be done all with things that most people have lying around the house. A little paper, a little string and two "poles" is all you need.  For the poles, I used skewers for the grill, but chopsticks, straws, anything long and skinny would work.

First off, cut out your bunting pieces. To keep it simple, I just eyeballed the size. I cut paper scraps into 1" wide strips, then cut them down to 1/2" long pieces using a paper cutter, but scissors would totally work. For the color of the paper, I just used a combination of blues, but this could be all one color, or alternate colors, anything you need to match the party theme. 

Next, take your little rectangles and cut out a triangle from the bottom. I just used scissors to freehand this. Like all projects on this blog, please remember: I am not a perfectionist. 

After you have them all cut out, take a look at how pretty they are. 

To get the width on the bunting string, I set the top of the skewers to the width of the cake, then eyeballed how far in I wanted the angle. Next, I once again eyeballed how I wanted my strings to lay. "Measure twice, cut once" is an unheard of saying around these parts. 

I taped off the edges of the string so I knew where to start and stop the bunting, then I started hot gluing the bunting pieces to the string. 

Glue them in a pattern you like and once dried, use your fingers to remove all the annoying hot glue strings that will inevitably be hanging off the bunting. 

Then tie the bunting to your skewers. I used an old box to help the poles stand up, because it's pretty much impossible to get the right width unless they're upright. The box also worked great for storage and transport until the party (sorry for the cell phone pic). 

And there you have it. Just stick it in your cake on the big day! 

In case you were wondering, I also gave a little plastic lion I found at Michael's a coat of gold spray paint for the top of the cake. 

Okay, if you haven't yet - head over to Espresso and Cream for the smash cake recipe!

For more details on Eli's party, click here. Eli's first birthday crown is c/o Little Love Lane. And if you haven't yet, head on over to the giveaway from Fancy That Loved for your chance to win some awesome party supplies!


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