Eli - Twelve Month Update

Naps: One one and a half hour nap in the morning and one two hour nap in the afternoon.
Feeding: Weened off formula in the middle of the month, now fully on whole milk and table foods. 
Clothing: 12 - 18 month
Bedtime: 7 p.m. (ish) Sleeps 12 hours consistently each night.

No more formula! The transition was actually pretty easy. I started out at the beginning of the month trying to do a sloooow wean. A quarter whole milk with three quarters formula at about room temperature. He took it like a champ, but the next week when I upped it to half and half, he didn't seem to like it as much. One day on a whim I just let him try cold milk straight out of the fridge in a sippy cup and he chugged it. So from there we pretty much went cold turkey. I gave him a room temp formula bottle in the morning and at night, then he drank cold milk with his three meals of table food during the day day, and water in between. (I just leave his Nalgene laying around the living room and he loves just grabbing and drinking out of it for fun - wish I was the same way.) As the weeks went on I eliminated his morning bottle, then his evening bottle, and about three days before his birthday the formula was gone for good. I now give him a sippy cup of milk right when he wakes up because he is ravenous and can barely wait for his diaper to be changed if he doesn't have something, then milk during breakfast (usually about 45 minutes after he wakes), lunch and dinner. We still offer some milk before bed, but he usually only takes about two ounces. Since it's a sleep signal for him, I'm waiting to eliminate it (the diapers are HUGE in the morning). I think we'll try later this month. 

Pretty much the same as last month, he's doing really well. He had at least one new tooth come in that made him pretty unpredictable for a couple days, but overall it's been great. There was also a night that he woke up around 2 a.m. and was signing for "drink." We went downstairs and he downed an entire sippy cup (this one is probably about 12 oz.) of milk then went happily back to bed. It was during one of our transition days and I think he just didn't get enough liquids during the day. After that I started trying to pay a little more attention to how much he's drinking so I know he stays hydrated.

Oh goodness. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I think Eli's done more changing in the two weeks before his birthday than he did in the two months prior! It's crazy. He's so, so grown up! He finally started army crawling, but still gets frustrated with how slow it is so he can often be found doing a combo army crawl/roll move. He also started trying to pull up on furniture, it's hilarious to watch him grunt and groan and grit his teeth while his butt literally doesn't even leave the floor. I usually just give him a little boost and he's right up there, prouder than a peacock. And once he's up he'll stay up for a loooooog time, but mostly because I think he's scared to come down. He'll usually fuss until I help him sit, then ask to be boosted right back up again. Right at the end of the month he also started walking with lots of assistance, but he's finally figured out that if he lifts his feet, he actually goes somewhere. He looks like one of those crazy clowns walking on stilts at a carnival, but he's getting better every day. 

In big development news, he also had his first word two days before his first birthday! I know it sounds crazy, and I thought I was crazy, but it has been confirmed by quite a few people, so I'm pretty sure it's true. You're never going to believe what it is: He calls my iPhone, "Dada." Yeah. He is truly a child born in 2013. I'm pretty sure it's because we talk with Mike every night on the phone on his way home from work, and I'm always trying to get him to talk to "Dada." And when I'm texting Mike during the day, I'm telling Eli that I'm "texting Dada." I had no idea what I was actually teaching him - that soon he would grab my phone and gleefully exclaim, "Dada?" "Dada?" Adorable, but a little awkward when a stranger hears it...oh well. 

I should note that technically his first word was "woof," but I don't know if that's really a word or not, so I'm not truly counting it. It's from a book he loves called "Doggies," and if you ask him what a doggie says, he'll woof for you. It's adorable. 

The likes are pretty similar to last month, he's getting more interested in actually playing with his toys, things like stacking blocks, throwing balls and loading and unloading things out of baskets. I should clarify that he is trying to do all of those things - he's still a little spazy with his hands so really he can't do any of it yet. He loves to stand, but has yet to figure out how to sit back down and walking is becoming another favorite thing to do. He also LOVES to be outside and he's really into pointing at planes and busses. We've been able to get out on a few walks and it's so fun to see him look around with a huge smile on his face. Plus, anytime we hear a dog bark Eli will smile and say, "Woof!" like twelve billion times in a row. 

As far as dislikes, there isn't really one thing, but I can see the toddler tantrums starting already. Two times he's just laid his whole body out on the floor, planted his head on the ground and wailed until I came and got him. I have no idea why, I think he just wanted to be picked up, but it was super weird. One second he'll be fake crying and the next second fake laughing, so I don't give a lot of credence to his little episodes - he's pretty easy to snap out of them by redirecting him anyway. 

One great thing is he's not nearly as attached to us as he was last month. He'll still fuss for me if I'm in the room and he's tired, but it seems like he's grown out of the worst of it which is great. It's a nice happy medium to have him want me, but be okay without me. 

New This Month:
The biggest thing this month is swimming lessons! He mostly likes them - he loves being in the zero entry pool where he can sit and walk, but he seems to get a little nervous when we're in the four foot pool. For part of the lesson he's supposed to sit on the edge of the pool and "fall" into my arms. Not. A. Fan. But we're working on it. We also found out he has a small allergy to sesame seeds. I noticed a pattern that any time he would eat hummus he would get pretty red and blotchy on his face, I was trying all different brands and even making homemade stuff and he still developed a reaction. So one day I just tried rubbing tahini (ground sesame seeds, the main ingredient in hummus) on his cheek and sure enough a rash appeared. It's not crazy bad or anything, but enough to make me avoid giving it to him. 

Mommy/Daddy Update: 
It just keeps getting better and better to be Eli's mom and dad. Mike and I are both loving this stage, but we can barely believe we've both been at this for a year now! I look back and can barely process that it was a year ago that I was home with a super new newborn, trying to nurse and recover and well, survive. How things have changed! We've both grown and changed so much not only as parents, but as people - but in such a good way! It's so fun to be a mom and I love that it just keeps getting better and better. 

And just for kicks - here's a peek at all Eli's monthly photos grouped together. Crazy, right?

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One Month Photos 


  1. YAY Eli! What a sweetie.

  2. Congrats on a soon-to-be one year old! I'm sharing how I did it for his party tomorrow, but basically I just printed them as 5x7 and hung them in a 3x4 grid. I've also seen people use a ribbon then use those mini clothes pins to hang them. Just depends on the type of space you need to fill I suppose. What I'm really wondering is what to do with them after the party...let me know if you have ideas on that!

  3. So cute! My little girl is right behind Eli, she'll be one on May 15th! I cannot believe it...I'm going to read the bday post next. We are doing a small family party - giraffe themed.

  4. So fun! I love the giraffe themed party idea! Can't wait to see pics!