Gettin' Measured on the Ruler Growth Chart

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Alright, down to biz. Remember these? The ruler growth charts?

The time finally came for Eli to get measured on it! If you've been a reader for a while, you might remember that I made these in December 2012. (Full tutorial and explanation as to why there are two different designs, right here.) We actually made three of them, two as Christmas gifts for my brothers and their wives and one to keep for our future kiddos. Little did we know just how soon we'd have a child to measure on it. Eeeek! Still shocks me to this day. 

Over the years, the growth chart finally found a home in the basement. We have so much woodwork in our home, there's really not many spaces to hang things on the wall, so to the basement it went. It's perfect down there but - it's terrible for taking photos. So please excuse the awful lighting and yellow tint. I really did try to take the best pics I could, but I am no professional!

I promise, I won't recap Eli getting measured every year, but I though it would be fun just this once since it's the first time, and so you can see how it works all together. And if you're shocked at the stance Eli is in below, please note that he is leaning heavily against the wall. 

We didn't actually measure him on the growth chart this year. I knew from his Doctor's appt. that he was 30" so Mike just took out a measuring tape to be sure he marked the right spot. When I handed him the measuring tape, he was like, "Isn't this a ruler growth chart? Why do I need to measure? 

Then I looked at him with knowing eyes and he was like, "Oh yea, you're not a perfectionist." 

I'm happy to report it was actually fairly accurate. 

Once Mike hammered in the nail, I hung the tag and Eli stared at it for a while and tried to rip it off. 

So I ended up removing the tag and putting it in a file because it was just too tempting for Eli. No biggie if we just live with the nails for the next few years.

And, in other fun news, a reader recently sent me a ruler growth chart she made from the original tutorial - check it out! 

I love how Tina added tick marks to the chart to show where the foot starts and to help get a more accurate measurement. Here's how she did it:

"First, I put a small pencil mark to designate the inch marks - a total of three - in every foot section on the growth chart board (so the foot mark, then an inch above and an inch below). Then I unrolled a chunk of tape, used a plastic right-angle carpenter tool to stick it down straight on a cutting board from my kitchen, and marked off 1/2" for the short pieces (inch above/below marks) and 1" for the longer ones (each foot mark). Then I took a razor blade to cut across each mark, peeled the pieces off the cutting board, and stuck them over the pencil marks I made on the growth chart board. One end of the tape is flush with the edge of the board. I also grabbed a thicker roll of masking tape to mark off the white sections."

Absolutely LOVE how it turned out! Tina originally wrote me to see if she could get a printable of the tags I made for the chart that I shared with my sister-in-laws. I realized that I never shared it on the blog, so if you're looking for it, just click right here. I picked up some 8x10" cardstock paper to print them out on my home printer. After cutting them out, just give them a little hole punch at the top to hang them. I also gave mine a slight angle cut at the top, but you definitely don't have to do that. If you print off two sheets, you'll have 20 tags- just in case you mess up a couple times over the years. :) I plan on measuring each child in a different color. 

Tina also mentioned that she found some cute bags to put the growth chart tags in from Hobby Lobby for a great price. Here are the deets on the bag I put together to store our stuff.

Any one else tried their hand at a ruler growth chart lately? They're pretty popular these days!


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