Party Like It's 2014

Whew! What a weekend! We're still recovering over here from a full weekend of partying like it's 1999 - or 2014 - whatever. We had lots of family in town for the big shindig and it was so fun to reconnect with all of them. It was a mad house with my family staying with us, but it's one of those things where it's easy to let go of the chaos and mess because you know it's only temporary. But I have to admit, when they left, I didn't even know where to start cleaning up - even though they took about 75 percent of the mess with them when they left. (Exhibit A over here on Instagram.) It was totally worth it. 

Eli was so awesome all weekend. I was worried he'd be crabby and wouldn't nap with so much going on, and he didn't really nap the day of his party, but he did amazing with being passed around, loved on and oogled over. I know they say these one year olds have no idea the parties are for them, but I might beg to differ on this one. Especially during the smash cake, I feel like Eli knew he was the star of the show and this day was for him. Either that or the sugar high kicked in real fast. 

I have TONS of posts that have been waiting in the wings, er drafts, for you all and I can't wait to get started on actually sharing them. Lots of DIY's, party planning tips, the crazy emotions one goes through on the anniversary of the most pain of their life (among other things), and a couple giveaways. If you saw the pic of E smashing the smash cake (Sorry, I'm a 'grammin addict); that little crown covering half his fauxhawk? Well it's from Little Love Lane, and I'm kicking off the giveaways by giving one of those away to you guys on Wednesday - so keep an eye out. It's so cute, you'll want one to wear on your baby's big day too. (At least I did, but Mike wouldn't let me - party pooper.) 

Aight, over and out. 


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