Tell Me 'Bout Yo'self (And Win A Latte)

Oh my goodness you guys - the response to yesterday's post was amazing. I had no idea how many of you have or are struggling with infertility and/or miscarriages. I'm feeling much like I was writing about yesterday, that I wish I had the proper words and knew the right thing to say to encourage each of you who wrote me. But I don't have the words to make it better, all I know is that I'm so thankful you felt you could share your stories with me, and I wish so much that I could give you (all of you!) a huge hug right now. I'm so glad that many of you related to that post - and it sounds like even if you go through infertility or miscarriages, it can still be hard to know what to say to someone else who's going through it. Which was pretty surprising to me and also a bit comforting in a weird way, know what I mean?

I'm so proud of this awesome community we have here ladies (and ... dad? Are there any males out there? Tap, tap, tap.). You all are so wonderful and I would love, love, love to get to know you all more. I know it's not popular or the cool thing to do these days (as evidenced by all the PM's I received yesterday), but will you take time out of your busy day to comment here and tell me a little more about yourself? I get emails from you all daily with all sorts of questions and stories, but I'd love to hear a bit more from you in the comment section below. This actually makes me super nervous to ask - because I'm afraid I'll get exactly zero comments, but I know you're there because Blogger comes equipped with a semi-accurate stat thingy, so pa'leeeeese, just this once, show yourself. I won't ask for a looooong time. Promise.

If you're in Feedly or another reader, I'd be sups honored if you clicked over to comment, or bookmarked the page to come back and comment later. I know it's annoying. Seriously, I know. Like why does it have to be so hard? I totally was a lurker before I became a blogger - but it would mean a ton to me today if you'd pop in and tell me a little about yourself. Even if I know you in person, please show yourself! Bonus, there's a question in there you may not be brave enough to say to my face - now's your chance to air it all.

Here's what I wanna know:
  1. Are you a momma or a momma-in-the-making or a maybe-a-momma-someday?
  2. If you're a momma, how many kiddos do you have (on Earth and in Heaven) and what ages are they?
  3. How do you like your coffee? (Please see below on why this is relevant.)
  4. What do you want to see more of here on Oakland Avenue? Less of? (I can take it, promise.)
  5. Sneaks, flats or heels? (Totally not relevant, so we'll make this question optional. Sneaks for me please.)
And just to entice you further, and explain why I asked you about your coffee, I'll be giving three of you a five dolla' virtual gift card to Starbucks.* Because really, what I really, really, really want to do is take each of you out for coffee and regale you with my exciting stories and opinions and entire life history** - but since I can't - I'll just keep doing that each and every day on this blog and you can enjoy your coffee without me babbling in your ear. And thankfully, I have Eli's ears to babble at every time I'm at The Bucks. (An old pic, but evidence of the previous statement.)

Okay, are you ready? Set. Go!

pst. We're keepin' this casual today and not letting Raffelcopter run the show. I'll just pull three random winners next week with Don't forget - if you reply as anonymous, I can't pick you to win - and that would make me sad. So don't do it!

* Yes, I totally bolded that to be sure you saw my enticing offer in exchange for your time. No shame here. 

**Or maybe we'd talk about where our hearts are, how we're really doing, and all the hard things this life is made up of. You can choose. 

Okay, now you can really go!


  1. I'll start!
    I'm a mama of one lil man, 8 months old Friday! I take my coffee BLACK! I just stopped this morning for a black french roast venti from Starbucks :) Stopping at Starbucks is my guilty pleasure. That $2.44 cup of coffee makes me feel human. I love Oakland Avenue Blog, and would love to see more SIMPLE DIY projects! Also, more baby posts for mamas! I only wear Steve Madden Troopas or H&M flats :) This is such a great idea! xo

  2. Hi Laura :)
    We've actually met once or twice at ISU; I stumbled upon your blog through your card catalog post and have been quietly reading/lurking ever since; I just love your down to earth conversational writing style!
    No kids for me, (just two sill pups) and while I love kids, I'm not sure I'll ever want them for myself. Maybe that will change in a few years, but I'm getting closer and closer to 30 and the idea of kids still seems so far off so I guess only time will tell!
    I'll take my coffee dark and strong with no sugar no cream ---or--- the complete opposite, mocha-ed up with extra whip and chocolate shavings--yum!

    I'd love to see more decorating diy projects. The this is how if feel posts are always welcome and highly entertaining.
    Flats! But if we're being completely honest here, I work from home so it's usually bare feet or slippers.

  3. Hi! I found your blog a few weeks ago through Pinterest, linking to your "15 Things I'd Tell My Pregnant Self" post. Loved it, so I started following you! I'm Anna, and I'm a mama-to-be in just under two months (due June 18!). This is our first baby, and she is a little girl named Audrey. I'm also a fur mama to a little five-pound Yorkie named Max, who has been my sweetest little companion for the past few years and helped me get through some lonely times of trying to have a baby. I am very excited to have Audrey grow up with a dog!

    At home I take my coffee with a dash of creamer, but at Starbucks I go all out and get a vanilla latte.

    I love seeing all of your navigating life as a mom posts - I mean, that's what drew me to this blog in the first place! It's nice to feel a kinship and get some advice from others who are ahead of me.

    I used to be a heels person, but lately it's been sneaks and sandals to tame my swollen feet! I can't wait to get back into some of my cute shoes this summer, especially my wedges!

  4. I found your blog via the Minnesota Bloggers page-- spent a solid 30-45 minutes yesterday stalking the house shame.
    I'm not a momma- unless you count my cat. Husband and I just got married and are at least 2-3 years off from that still. :)
    I prefer white mochas, or blended cold drinks, otherwise plain coffee with far too much cream and sugar.
    I'm pretty new so as far as the more/less I have no comments yet.
    Used to rock heels far more.. finding myself gravitating towards flat these days. Sign of getting older, perhaps?

  5. You already know me, so I can I still answer? I found your blog, well, because I know you, duh. :)

    I am not a momma to any babies on earth but hope to be one someday! For now I'll just settle for being a puppy momma. We now have two little kiddos who are our angels in heaven.

    I like my coffee from Starbucks, either dark roast with some half-and-half or an Americano. Sometimes a latte if I'm feeling indulgent.

    On Oakland Avenue I would like to see more about YOU! I hear a lot about Eli, which I also love, and DYI, which I aspire to be more of a DYI-er someday, but I would love to know how you stay so skinny, have such great hair, your favorite foods and how you like to eat (I'm fascinated by how people eat) and the like. And maybe more about you and Mike and how you keep your relationship fresh. :)

    I am a flats girl. I'm already tall, so heels are a rarity!

  6. I found your blog through Eli's nursery post and spent the rest of the day blog stalking! ;-) Momma to an almost 9 month old baby girl. I like my coffee frozen and fancy where it almost doesn't even count as coffee. As far as posts I'd like to see, maybe easy to wear and cute mom clothes, home design, and encouragement that my baby will eventually sleep through the night and this whole gig does get easier! Lol.

    And sneaks for me because that's all I wear to work and never dress up anymore! :)

  7. Hey Laura!

    Remember when we used to see each other every week? Yeah, that was great! Although, reading your blog everyday feels like we have a quick chat! :) I am momma to baby Ethan who is 5 month old. I am all about a cup of black coffee with a dollop of coconut oil or at the 'buck, it is over ice with a shot of vanilla and a splash of cream. I would love more posts about your house! I love your cute little house, especially your backyard! And as for the shoes...oh, my poor shoes! I used to love heels but so many of my shoes didn't make it through pregnancy! Flats are about all that still fit after my feet grew a bit. Sad day!

  8. I have been following your blog since you announced you were pregnant and your posts were showing up in my facebook feed - probably met sometime at ISU
    I loved following your pregnancy and seeing how fast your cutie pie Eli has grown. We had talked and debated for a long time when the right time was to start our family, so I have been drawn to mamma blogs for a few years now. And to be honest, I love all the stuff you post here!

    I am a mamma-to-be in Sept. This is our first, unless you count our 2 kitty fur babies.
    I love sweet coffee of all kinds, hot or cold, especially a mocha with whip cream.
    Im a sneakers and jeans gal, every, single, day!

  9. Hi! I found your blog through the Twin Cities Moms Blog (what a great idea! maybe I'll meet you at the Girls' Night Out?)
    Anyway, I am mama to my sweet baby Molly, who is almost 8 months old.
    I love all your posts about Eli and the ups and downs of motherhood - I have found myself nodding along to so many of them! And laughing or tearing up too :) I would love to read more about how you and Eli spend your days as a SAHM, how you and Mike share parenting roles/duties, cute and comfy mom clothes...oh and home design! We moved when I was 33 weeks preggo, so I'm still working on decorating.
    Sadly, my baby girl is dairy-intolerant so I am dairy free as long as I'm nursing. Which means no fancy drinks at Starbucks :( I would LOVE a white chocolate mocha, but I stick with french roast and a shot of vanilla for now.
    Flats for me...usually TOMS!

  10. Hi Alexandra! I went dairy-free with Eli for a few months when he was super little too. I was so sad to sacrifice my milk lattes, but I switched to a soy latte for his sake - The things we do! I love my TOMS too - so easy to slip on and off and feel like slippers! So glad you found me, and definitely come up and introduce yourself to me at Girls Night Out!

  11. EMILY! Such a fun idea to put coconut oil in your coffee. Does it change the flavor much or just for health benefits? Oh man, my feet grew too during my pregnancy. I think they shrunk back though - so maybe it was just massive swelling? Mike was having a heart attack thinking about me needing an entirely new shoe wardrobe ... I was kinda excited about it! :)

  12. How fun having a nine month old! It will get easier, promise - as for sleeping through the night, well, that one's tough. One night they do, one night they don't (and on those nights I still wake up from phantom cries)! I don't think I'll ever be able to "count" on sleep again now that I'm a mom. Hang in there!

  13. Umm, yes! I definitely want to hear from you! I'm with you on the flats. My mom always used to get me into heels chanting, "Embrace your height, embrace your height." And I suppose I have, but just at 5'8", rather than 6'. :) You're too funny with what you want to hear on OA. You know me, no secret formulas, but I'll try to think about it all more - definitely some fun post ideas and food for thought! Love you!

  14. Hello! I found your blog through Espresso and Cream (the birthday cake post).
    -I'm going to be a new mom in September to a baby boy.
    -I don't drink coffee, but I love soy chai lattes and unsweetened green tea lattes from Starbucks- is it bad when you're on any trip with your husband and he points out all the Starbucks' to you as if it's your best friend you haven't seen in five years? Yes. That happens.
    -I would love to see more of those "This is how I feel" posts. My sister has four little ones and I sent her a link to your post from last and she said it made her laugh which is what I hoped for.
    -I like wearing flat boots in the winter and low-wedge sandals in the summer.

    (Thanks for your post yesterday about miscarriages. My sister-in-law has experienced three so it was really helpful)

  15. Hi Anna! Thanks for commenting! Congrats on your little babe on the way - so fun. I wish Eli was growing up with a dog, I'm sure your little girl will just love Max! I'm like you, simple coffee at home, big while out and about. I totally feel you on those swollen feet. They were the worst. Sometimes I felt like even my sandals were digging into my puffy skin!

  16. Good Morning, Laura!

    I found your blog via your nursery tour on Apartment Therapy while I was pregnant with our first baby (a little lady named Hazel, who joined us in January). I fell in love with your blog and spent my nights with pregnancy-induced insomnia reading through your posts on pregnancy, cloth diapering, and decorating your home and Eli's nursery.

    After our gal arrived, I turned to your blog time and time again, looking for advice (and reassurance) on navigating this new life that revolved around breastfeeding, caring for myself and this teeny human, and nurturing my relationship with my husband. I found your posts to be incredibly relevant and found myself reading every post I could -- now no longer while I couldn't sleep, but in an effort to keep myself awake during those late-night nursing sessions. The fact that you also live in Minnesota (we're just across the river, in St. Paul!) makes you feel a little more "real" to me and I often wonder if I'll run into you and Eli at Target (although, I'd probably be way too shy to say "hello!").

    There is nothing better, these days, than a walk down to Starbucks for a caramel macchiato. You'd find me wearing my favorite pair of Minnetonka moccasins or my rainboots.

    I hope to see you continue Eli's monthly posts, or at least continue to post milestones, and maybe local activities that you and your family partake in with Eli. Seriously, though, keep doin' what you're doin', because I think you're doing wonders for us new mamas!

  17. Hi Valerie - totally feel you on the kiddo thing. I wasn't sure either, and then well, you know the story. I landed myself one and now I'm pretty happy I did. But I totally understand not being sure. I was the same way. Usually bare feet/slips for me as well - much more comfortable when hanging out at home! Go ISU!

  18. Hi Kara - Congrats on another on the way! So fun, are you going to find out the gender or let it be a surprise? Agreed on the quite-time coffee, it always tastes better when you can drink it with both hands, don't you think?

  19. Thanks for kicking things off Olivia! You're always such a good must have a blog or something. :) Go you for drinking black coffee - I've tried and tried for years, but haven't been able to get it past my lips. Good thoughts on post tips, I'd never considered that some of those DIY's are pretty complicated. :) I think it's hard because it's hard for me to believe people will actually try them - mind shift!

  20. Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading, I'm so glad you found me. @MadisonMayberry's blog is great, right? My husband is the EXACT same way about Starbucks. Anytime we see one he's like, don't you want to go? Do you want something? Do you want to just look inside? Does this make you happy? YES. YES. YES. YES!

  21. Oh man, you truly know how to build a fellow momma's ego. :) Thanks so much for your comment - I'm happy to hear you've found some of the post helpful! I totally get it. When I was nursing, I found blog reading was the only thing that would keep me awake.

    Um, I totally hope you see me in Target sometime, and please, please come say hi! I'm usually a hot mess when I'm there, so don't be shy! I walk to Star all the time too. It's such a motivator to get out of the house! Thanks again for reading!

  22. I'm mama to a baby boy who is just a few days younger than Eli. So I enjoy reading about what's going on with you guys because it's similar to what's going on with us! Since we have kids of the same age, I really like hearing any tips and tricks you've picked up for being a SAHM of a one year old. I also really appreciate the honest confession posts that make me feel less like I'm alone in my little failures. It seriously cracks me up and makes me feel less like a bad mom, because I tend to beat myself up about things.

    I haven't had coffee in a while, but I love my old standby of a nonfat mocha! Hmmm, I need to have a coffee shop date...

  23. Hi Laura, fellow Rookie Mom here, I just wanted to say how happy I am I found your blog through them! I love it, and I love how open and honest you are here! By the way I am a new mama to an almost 8 week old baby girl named Garrity who we conceived on our 1st round of fertility treatments (clomid + IUI) after trying to get preggo for 13 months. This Friday is actually the one year anniversary of when my OB told me I couldn't get preggo naturally and now here I am, a mama. Crazy how things work out. As for coffee, I actually haven't had caffeine since finding out I was preggo. I still am doing decaf to help with Garrity's reflux so my current drink of choice is a decaf rice milk latte. Oh and I am all about the sneakers :)

  24. Hi! I found your blog while "blog hopping!" I am not a mom yet- just got married a year ago, but hope to be a mom one day! I just spoil my nephews and niece for now :) I love the DIY projects- keep 'em comin! I like lattes or mistos... but will drink any sort of coffee! You can find me in heels, flats, or sneaks depending on the time of day or where I am... but I do love my sneakers!

  25. Hey Laura! I'm not a mom. I hope to never be one, and that's cool with me. I think your blog is hilarious and heartfelt, and I enjoy it immensely. Through your blog I also feel like I keep in touch, although it's pretty one-sided, huh? ;)

    Grande skinny fat free vanilla latte, extra hot.

    I like hearing about Eli--strangely, he sounds a lot like you, but I hear about him through your voice. Lord, I laugh so much with your blog because I can HEAR you say it! And the Mike stories are highly entertaining. I love your energy and the DIY stuff you put on here. You keep doing what you're doing. :)

    Um. I'll wear anything that happens to be on my way out the door. Running shoes, usually.

  26. So you know the deets, but just for fun

    1 - I'm a mom
    2 - to two little girlies
    3 - I want a mocha. always. that's why I can't lose the baby weight...
    4 - I want more DIY! and I'll second Madison on the recipes idea. Style. You are always so simply stylish. I love your honesty posts too, like yesterdays, or the one about how you weren't in love with E right away. You speak the truth that I often feel
    5 - FLATS! Ugh, I went to an outdoor cocktail party wearing heels and after less than an hour, I ended up carrying them around. Classy.

  27. This is a little hilarious because I feel like our paths cross in weird were roomies with my friend Sarah at ISU and I also worked with your dad at C21 for the past two years (I work for Tami Hicks). I'm just a weird stalker who reads your blogs and goes to C21 events and sits your parents. lol. But I think we became 'Facebook friends' at some point during our ISU/Salt Co days.

    1 - Maybe-a-momma-someday!
    3 - Winter - White chocolate mocha, Spring - Nonfat chai tea latte, Summer - Berry refresher, Fall - Nonfat iced chai tea latte...I have a crippling dependency on Starbucks.
    4 - MORE DIY! If you catch any of my Instagrams, I'm a little Pinterest/DIY obsessed too.
    5 - Flats! I just picked up a pair of Coach flats at TJ die.

  28. This is a little hilarious because I feel like our paths cross in weird were roomies with my friend Sarah at ISU and I also worked with your dad at C21 for the past two years (I work for Tami Hicks). I'm just a weird stalker who reads your blogs and goes to C21 events and sits with your parents. lol. But I think we became 'Facebook friends' at some point during our ISU/Salt Co days.

    1 - Maybe-a-momma-someday!
    3 - Winter - White chocolate mocha, Spring - Nonfat chai tea latte, Summer - Berry refresher, Fall - Nonfat iced chai tea latte...I have a crippling dependency on Starbucks.
    4 - MORE DIY! If you catch any of my Instagrams, I'm a little Pinterest/DIY obsessed too.
    5 - Flats! I just picked up a pair of Coach flats at TJ die.

  29. Hello there:) You kind of know me just a bit, but here we go...loving reading your blog! I'm a momma of 4 (2 in heaven, an almost 2 year old, and I'm 17 weeks with our last). I've always been and will probably always be a black coffee drinker. Nothing added and when I want something more it's a homemade nespresso 2% latte:) I love seeing all your DIY someone with a remodeler husband I don't get to do as many as I would like because he is a major perfectionist:) And definitely sneakers or my sperrys...definitely keeps me more active and more apt to play!

  30. Hi! I'm caits, I live in southern MN so I love to read about your life in TC. I'm a newish mama with a 2.5 yo gal and a 3.5 mo guy. I just like coffee in general-- black, flavored, mocha all of it! They just are building a SB drive through in town, so excited! Your how I feel posts are spot on and I always look forward to them. I like heels but don't get to wear them much with 2 little ones!

  31. Hey Girl, Heeeey :) You're sweet! Love that you are doing this and if I win, we are 100% meeting for coffee in person (should we just do that either way? Yep, okay.) I hope to be a mama someday! I love a 2-pump skinny caramel latte and heels as long as they are wedges not stilletos. Though I am down with a solid pair of sneaks too. Proud of you and your blog! And I love EVERY SINGLE TIME you do the "How I Feel" posts - I die laughing.

  32. I love reading your blog! The brutal honesty is what I love most about you- you know that being a mom isn't all rainbows and puppies :) . I'm a mom of two! Isaac Thomas who is in Heaven (left me at just 14 weeks) and Abram Isaac who is 19 months, the love of my life and tester of my patience. Love Iced Caramel or Mocha Coffee and any Skinny Peppermint Hot Mocha. On the blog I love seeing Eli's face and the photos of your DIY projects (I wish I had more time and talent to do more of those). Running around with a toddler keeps me in flats- or flip-flops all spring, summer and fall.

  33. Laura-- love this idea!!! Looks like Eli and Elaina won't have the chance to meet until Thuy and Kyle have their own little baby which we know won't be happening any time soon 😉

    I'm the proud mama to 10-month old Elaina who is just amazing (I know every mom says that about their baby, right?!) Though I typically frequent the local Caribou, I'm not opposed to expanding my coffee horizons and been known to grab a coffee frappucino or caramel macchiato at Starbucks. Definitely enjoy the New Mom Confessions because it makes me feel less crazy about the things I do. Also love the How I Feel posts-- love those GIFs! Pre-baby, I would've said heels but now am loving my flats! My feet... Not so much but nothing a little foot rub by my hubby won't cure ☺️

  34. 1. maybe a mama someday.
    3. carmel lattes. or flavored coffee at home. or french press at home. i love coffee.
    4. more diy/decorating. love it. your sense of humor for your posts is great too!
    5. sandals! or boots. not an option, but i wear sneaks to run, and heels/flats are a pain because i have super narrow feet. bummer. so sandals or boots are my go-to :)

  35. Heeeeeeey. Um, yes. It must be together fo'sho. You would be a heels gal - I'm always in awe of those women and you have the awesome style and grace to pull them off. Love ya!

  36. Ooo I love me a good pair of boots too. Especially in the fall. The smell of leather - just - uuuuh - oooo - it's perfect. And the french press - that's a great reminder for me to pull ours out more. It's so sophisticated feeling and makes amazing coffee!

  37. Thao - I know! You, me and Thuy def need to go on an "Auntie Thuy" date. If you win, I'll totally get you a virtual Caribou gift card. We need to keep it easy and local for mommas!

  38. I've introduced myself before, since I am kinda from your hometown of AMES!
    So, I'm a momma of 1 rowdy toddler, who is 2.3 years old. I recently started drinking my coffee black in an attempt to cut some sugar out of my life---was borderline addicted! And I think you have a great balance of material here, honestly! And I like flats, because I can wear them to work or on the weekends!

  39. Thanks Becca! I love your comment "love of my life and tester of my patience" I think that about sums up every mother's feeling towards her children on the planet. :)

  40. Hi Mollie! Yep - I can't remember if we've ever met in person or not, but your name is familiar! And if you work with my dad - well you're pretty much golden in my book. I too have a crippling dependency on Starbucks. But it's a dependency that full confess to enjoying and endorsing. :)

  41. Wowsa! Thanks for sticking around so long - this blog has seen some major changes in the past two years! A caramel snickerdoodle macchiato? I have never hear of that, but I think I need one STAT. My go-to drink is a caramel macchiato, so adding snickerdoodle in there just seems brilliant! Thanks for reading so long Sarah!

  42. BAH! #3!!!!

    Style? Recipes? Goodness, I don't know what you all are thinking with these things. I have literally laughed out loud every time someone has suggested style posts. I mean, have you seen me in person neighbor?

  43. Jen! That's too funny you think Eli sounds like me .... I've never heard or thought of that before. I think he's way more like Mike! Thanks for reading and your encouragement girl. If you're ever up here - yes, we must hang.

  44. I love your thoughtfulness Emily! To be honest, it makes me nervous to share, mainly because I don't feel like I have a true "method." Aka, I'm not very (consciously) thoughtful about it. I'll definitely try to do something like this - great post content and "food" for thought. Love you and thanks for dropping in. :)

  45. Congrats on the baby to come! I was born in September, that's a great month. :) Have you checked out Twin Cities Moms Blog ( yet? They have of local resources and events for mommas and kiddos alike and are super TC focused. But, I think that's a good idea to see what I can share for things I already like to do. Farmers market's, free concerts and galleries, there's a ton of options!

  46. You are too cute. And you make me laugh! I LOVE your blog and literally read every post, even if I don't comment every time! Also we share a pretty awesome name ;)

    1. I am hopefully a momma-in-the-making... AKA currently trying to get pregnant. It's only been a couple months so I do not whatsoever claim to be part of the infertility crowd, because I know so many people are waiting much longer than I am. So yeah. We're just in the trying stage :)
    3. My go-tos at Starbucks are a red eye (normal drip coffee with a shot of espresso added) with some 1/2 and 1/2 and sweet n' low, or a nonfat caramel macchiato.
    4. Would love to see more of how you parent Eli, what things you use, what your day to day routine looks like, etc.. Also I am missing some of your awesome DIY projects (likely because you have not had as much time as you did before Eli!). Any house updates would be awesome to see here!
    5. Flats. Love heels in certain times, but you will most often see me in flats. I usually only wear sneakers when I workout!

  47. 1. momma
    2. one 18 month old boy and one coming in Aug
    3. At Starbucks my signature drink is a tall latte with 1 raw sugar. Nothing fancy but so tasty!
    4. I'm fairly new to your blog, so from what I've read, it's a good mix of tips, DIY, and life
    5. I'm all about comfort these days, so I'd have to say cute sneakers!

  48. I played broom ball with you 2 years ago. Last year you were pregnant with Eli and did not play and this year I was pregnant with Caroline so I sat it out. I did go and cheer a couple of times, when it was not too cold!
    I've been following your blog since you had Eli!

    1. Momma
    2. 1 girl born in Feb
    3. I like coffee straight black :)
    4. More parenting and day to day SAHM
    5. Sneaks for sure~

  49. Hey pretty lady! This is Katie (of the Katie and Kate show - Oak Elm at ISU) I've been meaning to tell you that I love following your blog and can totally hear your voice whenever I read it. I'm so glad you got into this blogging thing.

    1) Maybe a momma someday
    3) I usually get an Americano with 'lite' room for half and half.
    4) I think you do a great job with content on Oakland Ave. I love the "How I Feel" bits - my sister and I have conversations over them whenever you publish a new one. I loved watching you make your house into a home too. I'm in the middle of that right now!
    5) Flats - a good pair can take any outfit to the next level, especially when you're tall and don't really want to 'literally' go to the next level with heels.

  50. I'm a momma!
    I have two girls, 4 and 2 and two babes in heaven, would have been almost 1 and would have been 4 months.
    I like my coffee with cream, with sugar, with milk, with chocolate. hot. cold. luke-warm. I just like it. :)
    More of your heart - you speak it well. Also more hilarious gifs...oh my word!
    Looove heels, but they're no longer practical, so flats for sure, but obviously they should be adorable ones.

  51. 1. Mom of two with the third on the way!
    2. I like getting Starbuck's Blonde Roast with a shot of vanilla or hazelnut.
    3. What do I want to see more of??? I'm not sure to be honest! I love your photos so keep that up. Hey! Maybe do a tutorial on how to take pics of your kids.
    5. Flats

  52. 1 & 2. Momma to a 3-week old now, but have followed your blog since pre-Eli days; and when I was working, I loved reading the blog daily during nap time while full-time nannying for kiddos.
    3. Hazelnut macchiato-decaf or half-caf
    4. More interior design!
    5. Flats!

  53. (1+2) I am a mama to an almost 2 year old boy (in June) and recently found out that baby #2 is on the way (ETA December!!) (3) I love coffee of every kind and would drink it all day every day if I could! My favorite Starbucks drink is a caramel macchiato hot or cold. (4) I think Oakland Avenue is perfect just the way it is. Love the new mom confessions and "this is how I feel" posts especially. (5) I am a flats wearing girl :)

  54. (1&2) I'm currently expecting - due December 10th. In February I lost my first pregnancy. These first few weeks of the second pregnancy have been a mixture of happy and sad, but I don't doubt that as more time passes there will be much more happy that sad. (3) I like my coffee all sorts of doctored up. Give me a non fast white peppermint mocha any day! (4) I like your advice! I know everyone's experience with little ones is different, but I really enjoy reading about others' experiences and advice that they have to make some of the harder milestones or hurdles more manageable. (5) Flats. I totes with I was a heels kind of girl, but I much prefer comfort over style!

  55. 1 +2) mom to almost 9 month old boy, named Elijah but some call him Eli
    3) No coffee for me (although have considered taking it up since my Eli is a crappy sleeper and I work full time)
    4) love the first time mom confessions. I'd really like to hear about how you did the baby sign language...we are a bilingual home and I think it might help my son sort out the fact that he hears different words for the same thing
    5)sneaks...but it's hot where I live so flip flops almost every day

  56. Love reading your blog! We grew up in church together so it's been fun to "catch up" with you!
    1&2. Mommy to 3-year-old Sophia and 7-month-old Harvey.
    3. I drink my coffee at home with a little flavored creamer, but this time of year I love iced caramel lattes and frappuccinos at Starbucks when I get a chance! (Soy milk for now - Harvey isn't a fan of dairy)
    4. I love your "this is how I feel" posts and your posts about being a mom! Although I wonder if some of your thoughts will change when you're a second time mommy ;). You have such a gift with words, whether funny or serious.
    5. Sandals and flip flops!

  57. Hi! I have recently started reading your blog and it's a lot of fun!
    1. and 2. I am a stay-at-home mom to my son Desmond, or Desi as we call him. He will be two in July.
    3. I can take my coffee black but prefer a little creamer. Basically as fast as I can get it in my system in the morning, the better.
    4. I've enjoyed everything I've read on here!
    5. Probably flats the most!

  58. Hi Kristen! Thanks for reading! I'm with you on wanting a lil' creamer with the coffee, but have recently switched to milk and am happy to say I don't miss it *too* much. :)

  59. Hi Amy! Oh flip flops - I love them so much, but I feel like I forget they exist it's been winter for so long! Am so curious as well if things will change for me when I have a second - that's food for thought! Did a lot change for you with your second, or am I just disillusioned? :)

  60. Yay for Elis! I get asked all the time if Eli's full name is Elijah. Baby sign language - interesting, I can definitely write about that. Your son is so lucky to grow up in a bilingual home - I have no idea if sign language would help him sort it out, but it's definitely worth a try! Thanks for stopping by!

  61. Hi Jessica, I'm sorry to hear you lost your first. I just heard from a mom last night that it does get a lot better once you're able to hold your next baby in your arms. I'll pray for this next pregnancy! I agree - totally wish I could pull off the heels, but I too go for comfort over style! :)

  62. Congrats on your next! So fun! I would totally drink coffee all day too - and I totally did for a while (decaf after 2 p.m.) but I found my heart was racing all day and I was super scatter-brained and crazy. Not good for anyone. Thanks for reading!

  63. Hi Carly - half calf has totally become my go-to. But only so I can drink twice as much, is that bad? Thanks for being such a long-time reader - that's so awesome!

  64. Hey Bert - thanks for dropping in! Good idea with a tutorial on photos, but I totally feel like such an amateur in that department! Gah! Maybe someday... ;)

  65. Oh man, you and I are so alike. I'll take coffee any way I can get it. And yes, always adorable flats. Always.

  66. Gah! KATIE! I laughed out loud when I read "Katie and Kate show" and boy was it a show! I miss you! So fun you're working on decorating a house, but methinks I should be taking tips from you! And yes to your flat theory. So eloquently put and I'm a believer of that same thing. Thanks so much for popping by!

  67. Hi Laurie! Oh, I saw some adorable photos when Caroline was fresh and new from Nate at broomball! And I totally checked out Linders photos she took of you guys too. You all are such a cute little family!

  68. Congrats on the new babe! I'm glad you're finding it a good mix here - lemme know if anything seems a little crazy as you follow along for a lil longer. :) I'm with you on the comfort - sneakers all the way!

  69. Hi Laura! You're so faithful - I knew I'd see your smiling face in the comment section today! Exciting that you and your husband are trying! That's a huge step in and of itself! DIY has definitely taken a back seat since Ebaby came around, but I'm hoping with the summer coming I can get back into it, and more house updates are on the way as well! Thanks so much for being so supportive of me over the past year or so!

  70. Hi- Carly here.
    I'm a (mostly) SAHM of one little guy with another babe on the way.
    I like my coffee as sugary as possible so basically I just get a hint of coffee flavor. Chai lattes are also pretty tasty as well. (If I win can we walk around Nokomis and get a drink from Nokomis Beach Coffee, please?!?)
    You write great stuff! I love the "confessions" and "this is how I feel". But as others have said, what really makes your blog awesome is the honestly and realness (is that a word?) of what you write!
    Always flats, anything slip-on is a bonus!

  71. Hey! I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I know we know each other and I'm having a hard time placing the details to maiden name is Peterson...if you can fill me in, it's been bugging me.
    -I'm a momma to a 2 year old girl with a little boy on the way.
    -I like my coffee as a latte - right now I've been rocking the vanilla rooibos tea latte so that I can get a chai-ish flavor without the caffeine. It's my new fav.
    -I like the simple projects you post. I love sewing, so things like that are great to read about - recently I've been curious about DIY crib sheets.
    -Flats - most always - and without socks as much as possible. I hate socks.
    Thanks for writing. I'm going from 1/2 time SAHM to full time next year and I really use your blog (and some other you've into'd me to) to stay connected, inspired, and entertained!

  72. Hey Laura,

    I've been following your blog for some time. I went to ISU with you, and was a freshman group/ Salt leader while you were there. I love your blog and Eli is the cutest!

    -I'm a mom to Noah, almost 3. And Everly, 8 months.
    -I like my coffee as a sugary latte at coffee shops, but with cream at home.
    -I love your "This is how I feel posts" and mom confessions. Totally true, honest, and I can relate to most of them!
    -Flats for sure!

  73. Hi there!

    You already know me of course (I'm married to your cousin), but I'd love to show my support of your blog and maybe win a free coffee! :)

    1. I'm a mom of a little girl named Alivia (aka Liv/Livi - 20 months) with girl #2 due at the end of May!

    2. I recently became a coffee lover so I stick to the sugary lattes/mochas.

    3. I always relate to your posts about being a mom. Your honesty is something I always appreciate and I love your style of writing.

    4. At this stage of my pregnancy, sneaks for sure!!

  74. Hi!
    1) I'm a momma, but hope to be a momma again some day
    2) mommy to my beautiful girl, Avery, who turns 1 next week on Friday. (tear) ;(
    3) my Bucks order is always...grande dark roast in a venti cup with 2 sugar in the raw, fill it up with skim. (Why do they always ask me if I want room for cream?!?) :)
    4) I just started reading blogs of any kind in the last month (I was a little blog-stupid, and couldn't figure out how to "subscribe") so I enjoy everything right now!
    5) is moccasin slippers an option??? I LIVE in them (so if you someone in the grocery store with them on, it's probably me!)

  75. 1) Momma!

    2) 1 rambunctious boy, almost 14 months
    3) The Veranda or Willow blonde roasts, with a bit of sugar and splash of half & half. (trying to keep it tight for the upcoming bathing suit season. :))
    4) The real life, this is how it is, motherhood is not glamorous kind of posts. Did that make sense? It makes me feel good to know I'm not the only one with those feelings. I also like the house decor posts. I'd be fine with a little less of the small crafts (no offense though, just being honest).
    5) Ooh, tough call, but definitely sneaks or flats. Flats are about as dressy as I get now. What are heels?!

  76. 1. Stay at home mama
    2. One small human right now - 9.5 month old girl (Julia)
    3. Skinny vanilla latte (if I say skinny when I order it it justifies me drinking more than 1 some days)
    4. Loooooove your honesty and "real" mom experiences, stories, feelings, etc. bc this sh*t ain't always easy ;)
    5. Whatever I can find first. Does that count?

  77. Mom to in May! I've been drinking cafe mistos from Starbucks and I think I might be the only customer that does so given the questionable looks I get from the barristas. I love seeing what you're doing with Eli since my little guy is just behind him....loved seeing his monthly updates, and your ideas on life in general. The photos are wonderful too!