This is How I Feel, X

When I read a parenting book that makes me feel like I'm totally screwing Eli up. 

When a non-parent tells me about what kind of parent they will be when they finally have kids. 

When Mike tells me we don't have time to stop at Starbucks on our way to, well, anywhere.

When Eli thinks he's being super hilarious by intentionally dropping food on the ground during breakfast/lunch/dinner.

When Eli started crawling.

When Eli's teeth came in and I realized I wouldn't have to work so hard to only feed him soft foods. 

When I'm out past 10 p.m.

When I need motivation to not buy that new shirt/hat/necklace/frivolous item and instead save some money because I'm a SAHM.

When I'm feeling passive aggressive towards Mike because he's been working a lot and I need attention.

When I hear about another baby-momma's discipline probz with their child. 

When I see a twin mom carry two carseats and a diaper bag at one time. 

When I wake up in the morning on the days Eli had a sleepover at Grandmas. 

When Eli starts screaming in the middle of my incredibly interesting story at the dinner table and I can no longer hear myself speak. 

When I hold a friend's cute baby.

When Eli's bawling forever then suddenly stops and smiles at me. 

When I've had three times the amount of caffeine I usually do because Eli was a crazy-man the night before.

When I make a super hilarious SAHM joke and I'm the only SAHM in the room. 

When my mom-friend tells me she was able to successfully drink an entire hot cup of coffee that morning. 

Mike and I, when Eli actually performs a trick on command in front of an audience. 


  1. This is yet again amazing.

  2. LOVE these posts so much!! :)

  3. I'm dying...these are all amazing, but especialy the Starbucks one. :)