DIY Simple Paper Scraps Circle Garland

Today I've got a super simple and easy DIY for you. The only tricksy part is you'll need a sewing machine - so if you don't have one, you should beg, borrow or steal to get your hands on one. (Well, maybe not steal, I cannot in good conscious endorse that. But do what you gotta do, you know?) 

Today we're making a super simple garland made out of paper scraps. Or new paper, both types should preform similarly. 

I love this project because it's SO ridiculously easy, and it's super festive, so you can whip one out for any occasion, birthdays, Mother's Day (coming up soooo soon!), or even just to celebrate the return of The Bachelorette. (YAY!) Plus, this would be adorable as a long-term decoration in a nursery or play room, or throw up a silver and gold one during Christmas, you get the idea. Lots of options here. 

Okay, here's how you do it. Gather your paper. I had both new and old paper that I gathered - there's way more old in there than it looks, I just haphazardly threw it all together, so it does look like there are quite a few nice and crisp straight lines in there. But trust me, I was on a mission to use up tons of those old tiny pieces of paper I had lying around. 

Grab a 2" circle cutter. This can really be any size, but you're going to want a circle cutter, because it looks a little better when it's a standard size, and it'll make it go much faster too. I just cut around the edge, then used regular scissors to cut off the "tails" left over from the circle punch, so I could cut the paper again. There really wasn't too much waste this way.

Once you have them all cut out, zip them through your sewing machine. For the thread pick a color you like because you'll see it a lot. I used white thread. Keep your pile of loose circles nice and close so you can easily grab them. Rolling with a random color order, I just pushed them through the sewing machine and let about four "up downs" go by before I pushed another in. Eventually I hit a rythum to where I wasn't counting and just pushing, pushing, pushing, but you can go as fast or slow as you want. If you were wondering, I have a led foot.

Fairly quickly, you'll have a super long garland. I had to string mine over the table and onto the floor to keep it from getting tangled. It landed in a nice pile on the floor that I could easily grab without any knots which was nice. Since I was using this for Eli's birthday party, I just wrapped it around an old piece of foam core for transport. 

I had no true plans for these at the party (I made about four of them) but they ended up on the doorways and the popcorn table, so I'm glad I had them for a little extra color.

I was able to save a couple of these before the clean up crew threw them away, so I'm hoping I can repurpose them for a few different occasions throughout the year. If not, a new one is simple enough to whip up. 

Have you tried any super simple DIY's lately?


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