Eli - 13 Month Update

Naps: One one and a half hour nap in the morning and one two hour nap in the afternoon.
Feeding: Whole milk (16 oz./day), water all day, and table foods three times a day with a snack.
Clothing: 12 - 18 month.
Bedtime: 7 p.m. (ish) Sleeps 12 hours consistently each night.

He's totally on table foods and loving it. He eats three meals a day with a snack around 4 p.m., or whenever he wakes from his afternoon nap. Some days he eats a ton, some days he eats just a little. I don't worry about it too much as long as he's eating decently healthy. He'll still eat basically anything I put in front of him and honestly, right now I can't even think of something he won't eat. His favorites are definitely yogurt, meat, cheese and veggies. He always chooses fruit last, except for oranges. We treat them as his "dessert" except when the grandparents are around. To them an orange as dessert for their grandson is a travesty! 

He's really into eating with a fork or spoon, meaning I hand him a fully loaded utensil for him to finagle into his mouth. He's surprisingly quite good at it. He's been doing this for a few months now, but this is the first month that it seems he really prefers eating it that way. He'll hand me the spoon as soon as he's eaten the food and I load it and back and forth we go. As soon as he starts flipping it around, it's back to the fingers. 

For milk, we are having a few issues, he's definitely a bit lactose intolerant, but it's kinda a messy subject, because he was on a lactose-based formula, so it doesn't make a whole lotta sense. Basically, he has some really, really terrible and frequent diapers, and I'll leave it at that. But for how to fix it, right now we're limiting how much milk he takes in to 16 oz./day. We've only been doing it for about two weeks and thus far, it has cleared it up a bit, but not totally. If it doesn't clear in the next week or so, we'll switch to a milk alternative to see if it totally takes care of it. I feel bad because Eli LOVES his milk (prior to me rationing it, he was drinking around 35 oz. - and I ONLY offered milk at meals!) So admittedly, he was drinking a lot of milk - which could mess up anyone's gut I suppose, whoops. We'll see how it turns out, I'm really, really hoping just limiting it will work. 
Pretty much the same as last month, he's doing really well. We did drop the sleep sack this month, for no other reason then he it was annoying to remember to bring it everywhere. He transitioned just fine, the only issue is it does seem to take him longer to fall asleep because he's crawling around and playing with his feet. I've had to go in a few times to resettle him and remind him it's "nigh, nigh time," and for the most part, it really hasn't been a big deal. The only bump in the road is the "milk situation" causing lots of diapers that wake him up. Limiting his milk intake has fixed the frequency, so for the most part he's back on a normal schedule. The only other note would be that we're trying to get him on an 8-8 schedule for the summer, but he truly turns into a pumpkin a 7 p.m., so we're debating whether or not it's worth it. If there's a lot going on he can do it, but just not on a "normal night" so maybe we'll just play it night by night. 

This kid cannot be stopped. He's now full fledged crawling and getting faster every day. I honestly think he's so much happier now that he can go anywhere he wants, and it's so fun to watch him explore the house or any new area we're at, and I love when he crawls up to me and grabs onto my legs. It seriously melts my heart every time. Everyone told me to "just enjoy it before he crawls, you don't want him to!" but I have to say, I completely disagree - I LOVE having him crawl! He's way better with independent play, doesn't need me as much to entertain him, and his general attitude is way better - what's not to like? Maybe I'll change my mind for my second child, but I'm enjoying that I'm enjoying it (if that makes sense), so it's good for now. We childproofed our house, so I can let him roam without worry. When we're out, I honestly don't mind saving him from potential death traps - that's what I'm supposed to do as a parent, right? 

He's added another word to his repertoire: "Hot." He'll say it over and over again anytime he sees steam coming off food. I think it's because I always make him wait to eat his food because it's "hot." He's also figured out who his true Dada is, thankfully he no longer calls my iPhone "Dada," and when Mike comes home he repeats "Dada" over and over again. Gah, I love it! He babbles all day like crazy, and sometimes it does feel like he's trying to tell me a true, very serious story. I try to listen very intently, but it's hard for me to be overruled in number of words per day by a 13 month old. 

He's getting good at a few tricks and has actually performed them in front of an audience a few times - if you're a parent - you know how kids rarely do that! He will give "kisses" (just shoving his slobbery mouth on your cheek), shows his "muscles" (he legitimacy flexes and puts his hands up), and whoops around with his hand back and forth over his mouth. All very impressive tricks. 

He's also doing really well understanding commands, "Come here." "Clap," "Show me your muscles!" "Eat, don't throw." He *mostly* obeys. He's also getting a lot better with things like stacking blocks, putting balls in a tiny little hole, intentionally push a button to make a noise, things like that. It's so fun to watch him run around and collect toys to put into a box, and just in general see him play with his toys. I keep wondering what's going through his mind all day as he's playing. 

His favorite thing in the whole world is being outdoors. Doesn't matter what we're doing, he just wants to be outside. Mike always says, "He was born to be an outdoors man. It makes me so happy." Seriously, Eli makes a B line for the door if I open it and literally cries when we come inside. He turns and pushes and will stand beating on the door until I distract him and even then I swear I find him staring at it longingly all the time. Since the weather's been nicer, we do spend a lot of time outside, eating on the deck and letting him play while we work in the yard, watching planes together, and looking at the pond. He loves eating dirt and mulch, and I swear we've tripled our bath frequency because he gets so dirty all the time. He used to smell like soap for days, now he smells like sweat and sun and summer all the time. I kinda love it. 

Each month I feel like he's getting less and less crazy attached to us, and this month was no exception. I think the fact that he can crawl helps him feel a little more secure, because he can run away from a stranger if he needs to. J to the K, but seriously, he's just getting better by the day, so it's great. He still loves all the typical stuff, peek-a-boo, zerberts, being thrown at the couch, sitting on Mike's shoulders while Mike sprints around the house and/or neighborhood, and all the other good games. But at the same time, he's also starting to be better at independent play, and he'll crawl around the room inspecting things, spinning wheels on his toys, loading and unloading containers, looking out the windows and blowing raspberries on them and things like that. Sometimes when I start to play with him, he'll just crawl away or keep looking at his toy. I try not to take it personally. 

Dislikes are few and far between, but the big one is not being let outside or being brought inside, not getting his food brought to him fast enough, and being held for too long. All reasonable dislikes I'd suppose, but I do wish he could work on a little patience with the food thing.
Mommy/Daddy Update: 
Things just keep getting more awesome! Every evening you'll find Mike and I playing with Eli, trying to get him to walk, make him laugh and cuddle with him. Then after he's gone to bed I regale Mike with stories all from Eli and I's day telling him every funny little thing Eli did. I love how much he loves hearing it all, and I love telling it! We absolutely love that it's getting warmer out and are so looking forward to taking Eli to parks and farmer's markets, on bike rides, lots of walks to local ice cream shops. It will be so different from last summer when Eli could barely move, and we're really looking forward to truly showing Eli around and seeing what he likes to do. 


  1. I made this cake and it came out EXTREMELY dense. Any idea why? other than that it was delicious...the filling added a nice tart and I made a different frosting than the recipe. All and all it was sweet but not overly sweet, which was awesome!

  2. He is so cute - I'm excited to see you guys in person today :-)
    We had problems with milk too when we first transitioned from formula to full-time whole milk. For about 4 weeks, Lewis had really bad diapers and I was also worried about lactose intolerance (although that seemed odd because he did fine with all other dairy products). When I talked to the pediatrician about it, she said it was totally normal for kids to have runny diapers when they transition to milk completely. It's something about their body learning to process lactose in larger quantities. They told me to limit his milk intake or get rid of it for a couple of weeks and do the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) until he got back to normal. We also gave him children's probiotics added to his drinks. So - just our experience...I know I felt panicked for a while that he was going to never drink milk. From talking to other moms, I've realized this is a fairly common fear / concern. We've never had a problem with milk or dairy since then.

  3. Beautiful! Where did you get the laundry hamper?

  4. My doctor has us bypassing milk totally and moving on to water at a year old. I have a feeling Weston is also a bit LI, and he is on a lactose based formula, but if we don't add gas drops, he has problems, STILL. Babies don't really need to drink milk, if he likes it, than I can see how you'd be concerned, but they can get Vit D other places. LI runs in my family, so I wouldn't be shocked if my kiddo had it...trials and tribulations! Love these updates!

  5. @Jenny Hi Jenny! I'm not really a baker, so I while I wish I could tell you, I have no idea! The cake recipe is from Smitten Kitchen (http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2008/07/project-wedding-cake-the-cake-is-baked/) so maybe there's an answer in the comments there or you could ask? Sorry, but I'm glad the rest was good!

  6. @theestuary - we found it at Home Goods - it's a great spot for baskets!

  7. @Olivia Interesting! I haven't heard of just skipping milk (or an alternative) all together, but if they get the dairy they need in other ways, you're all set!

  8. @Emily Jensen This is so good to hear - I'm thinking that might be exactly what's going on with Eli. I didn't realize there was a "transition period" but that would make sense!

  9. Could you possibly do a sleeping post? I'm not sure if you can remember what you were doing 10 months ago for sleep, but while my little guy is a champion night sleeper, daytime naps blow. Just wondering if when Eli was about 3 months old what your nap routine was, did you swaddle him for naps or just at bedtime? Thanks!

  10. Hi Kayla! I hesitate to do a sleeping post, mainly because I feel like it's such a touchy subject and I think it both depends on the parent's views on sleep training and somewhat on the type of child you have (some children just need more sleep than others.) But that said, here are the deets on what Eli was doing at three months: http://www.oaklandavenueblog.com/2013/07/eli-three-month-update.html We didn't have a huge nap time routine, I would sing him a song and lay him in his crib awake. Yes he was swaddled for every nap and bedtime, we dropped the swaddle for just a sleep sack at four months. Naps were harder for us too! I think I was putting him to bed too late. At that age, most kids have 1-1.5 hours of wake time, and I kept waiting until about 2 hours, so he was over tired and wouldn't fall asleep, or would for just 30 minutes. If you can tell me specifically what your baby is doing, I can try to help!

  11. Hi Laura! I was revisiting this post to do the roman shades in our living room. I love the geometric print fabric and my go-to fabric store didn't quite have what I'm looking for. Where did you find yours? Also, how in the world did you so those paintings? They look great :)

  12. Hi Lauren! Here's the link to the fabric: http://www.tonicliving.com/Bethe-Robins-Egg-P2330.aspx. And thanks about the art, I have no idea, just beginners luck I guess! :) Good luck!

  13. What size mattress, headboard did you use? It looks large enough for 2 but not too big where it swallows the room. Need to turn my daughters room into an optional guest room for family visits.

  14. Hi Michelle - the headboard is a Queen and the headboard is just four inches wider than the bed, so it would have a 2" overhang on either side.

  15. Thank you, where did you find your Ikat fabric?

  16. It's from Calico Corners, though I'm not sure if they carry it anymore. I used 2 yards of fabric. Good luck!

  17. Hi! Are these knobs the streamline knobs?:)