New Tricks

Out of the eleventy billion we took, these were the best three photos we had of Eli and his cousins. It's also about par for the course for the ratio of good photos I take, so I can't fault them too much. 

Does anyone else notice that when an only child starts hanging out with tons of other children, all of the sudden they come back doing new tricks? Last week, Eli and I spent six straight days in Iowa and most of the time was spent playing/ignoring/poking/watching/pushing/climbing/laughing/etc. with his five cousins. (All of them two and under!) A few days in it seemed like Eli started pulling up way easier and "sitting down" - as opposed to falling and subsequently crying - speed walking behind a walker, and moving from one piece of furniture to the next. It was like all of the sudden he realized he could really move from one place to another faster than his usual snail pace - likely because he needed to outrun his two older cousins that seem to enjoy "wrestling" the defenseless. Although I have to say, Eli is likely in a higher weight class than both of them combined, so they probably thought that evened out the fight. 

Every night, Eli basically passed out in the pack n' play. The week prior, Eli would play in his crib for a good 15 minutes before he'd finally wind down enough to fall asleep. While in Iowa, I kid you not, I think he fell asleep on my shoulder three times as I was holding him before I put him to bed. I was doing the normal routine of song+pray+kiss and he was out by the time I said, "Amen." And that never, ever happens. Usually Eli giggles right through the prayer while he tries to pick my nose. 

When we returned to normal life this week, I swear Eli was looking around waiting for the circus to enter. Sorry to disappoint Eli - it's just boring ol' mom for the rest of your foreseeable future. 

But the next time I'm worried about him missing a milestone, I know just what to do. A week in Iowa with his cousins will have him whipping out new tricks in no time.