This Is How I Feel, XI

When I score Eli a bunch of clothes at on super sale. (And maybe sneak one or two items in for me too.) 

The first day Minnesota weather hit 70 degrees.

When I'm reading a Facebook debate between two people who are trying to act much smarter than they actually are. 

When Eli's crying and holding his arms out so I pick him up, only to have him push me away and keep fussing.

While watching Eli "wrestle" his cousins and realizing he will lose every. single. time.

I mean they can actually stand up on their own. So I don't know why I have hope.

When Mike comes home and I'm about to propose that we go out to eat.

When Eli goes to bed and I know I have at least two, maybe four hours of free time.

When someone catches me zoning out and I'm trying to catch up with the conversation and act like nothing ever happened.

When I'm pounding an enchilada and Eli wants to play.

When Eli's crying at church but I still want the people behind us to like us.

After surviving a day from sun-up to sun-down without Mike and I'm really affirmation deficient. (For the record, this is done in front of a mirror.)

When I tasted Puffs for the first time.

When I'm really tired and someone is talking about politics, healthcare, insurance, sports, theology, raising kids well, etc.

When I realize there is no ice cream left in the freezer. 

All the time.

The Kimye wedding. 

At the grocery store when someone is trying to get Eli to wave and he actually waves back.

When someone asks me for advice on raising a well-adjusted, well-disciplined child.


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