Worth Sharing

Here's the honest truth about being a parent. Nobody's right. Nobody.

While many of you asked for some fashion posts a few weeks ago, I've thought about it long and hard and decided that's just not for me. I'm a boring, casual, skinnys-cardi-tee type girl that would literally have nothing to show you except for how to wear that combo in different colors. But I can point you to a few good blogs. Unfancy is a pretty sweet blog that is all about minimalist fashion by building a capsule wardrobe. I'm hoping to do this sometime in the future - the blogger is super inspiring, and it's awesome to see the outfits she puts together with just a few pieces.

If you have ever pumped, ever, even just once in your life, you have asked yourself these questions about the breast pump. I'm sure by the time they get a better breast pump design, I'll be long done having kiddos, but seriously, somebody get on it.

A couple weeks ago I shared on Twin Cities Moms Blog about my "lessons learned" from hosting Eli's  birthday party outside our home. Most of the tips are great even if you're hosting a party inside your home. Check it out if you have a party in the near future.

My sister-in-law Emily wrote yet another inspiring and challenging post. The Gospel for Moms is a fabulous reminder of what we are freed from in Christ and truly puts perspective on raising children well. It's the true answer to post like this and this when we think about how to raise a child's heart.

These Blue Sky Bran Muffins from Smitten Kitchen are on my must-bake-soon list. The recipe looks far more complicated than it really is, and it looks like you can swap lots of the ingredients for what you have on hand - that's my style of baking!

And finally, I'm partnering with Pedal Minnesota as a "Bike Mom" Ambassador. While I have barely ridden a bike since my purple banana boat bike with pink tassels in elementary, Mike and I actually both got brand new bikes last year with the intention of putting all the bike paths around our house to good use. So when Pedal Minnesota asked me to participate in their program, I jumped at the chance. If you're not local, Minnesota is a HUGE biking state - and the bike paths around here are awesome. If you have time, check out the site, and just for kicks, here's my profile with a short lil' Q&A and here's all the other mom's participating in the program.


  1. Thanks for the link love, Laura! You are the best <3 Also, I loved reading that first article...so true. There are arguments for or against everything! I subscribed to the Unfancy blog too...I'm loving the idea of a capsule wardrobe and having a minimalist mindset when it comes to clothing.

  2. Oh I'm so intrigued by that Unfancy blog. I've recently unfollowed a bunch of fashion blogs because they weren't "me". I certainly appreciate all the beautiful clothing and outfits, but a lot of it was just too excessive for me personally and complicated dressing is not my priority at this point in time. SO that being sad, I love the look of all the outfits I saw on Unfancy. I'm going to have to look into it more.

    That's awesome that you have such a bike friendly city. I SO WISH Oklahoma would follow suite.

  3. That's such a good idea to purge fashion (and all!) blogs that are not "you!" I'm doing that this morning just because you said to. You're right, I"m always impressed by how they dress, but it almost leaves me feeling bad - just because I don't have the huge wardrobe or the creative ideas! Thanks for the idea!