Worth Sharing

In the last Worth Sharing, it seemed like a lot of you appreciated a more detailed recommendation on a blog I like reading and why.  So this week, I'm telling you about For The Love Of.  I've been an on and off reader Andrea Howe's blog and these days, I'm definitely "on." Since we're talking a bit more about food here on OA, I thought I'd share her blog here. Recently, Andrea has been writing more about clean eating, and like me, her eating habits have transformed over the past few years, and now she eats clean as much as she can. Lately she's been publishing posts on pantry staples, how to handle people who don't eat the same, and tons of other practical stuff. She's super down to earth and realizes that clean eating is never an overnight switch for people. While I'm not a 100 percent clean eater, her story is eerily similar to mine. She's just smarter than me. So go over, be inspired. Also, her Instagram account, @gwynethmademedoit is worth following for her tips.

Amy Poehler is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses. Simply because she did this. Rock. Star.

Curious how to raise the perfect child? Here's the step-by-step.

Mike and I are really into watching documentaries lately - they can be a bit hit or miss, but a good one we recently watch was "Inside Job" - all about the government and our financial system. It will probably tick you off, but you should still watch it. Another one that I think will tick me off when I finally see it is "Fed Up." It just recently came out and while I haven't seen it yet, I'm curious if any of you have? Looks like it's all about the food industry - particularly the junk food industry - and they're comparing it to tobacco companies 20 years ago. While I definitely don't want the government telling me what to eat or taxing me on certain foods (!), I do think they are spot on when they say that junk food companies don't care about people's health, they care about making money - duh. The only way to change it is for Americans to start making smarter choices - much like my food journey over the past five years - it can be done.

This article from a mother who left her son in the car for five minutes made me feel a whole lotta emotions that I don't like feeling. To cut to the chase, her son was okay, but she has been paying for this one decision for years and now lives with a criminal record. I have a lot of thoughts around this article, too many to list here, but it's definitely a good discussion starter for your husband or other mom-friends.

Mike and Eli loooove cantaloupe, I think it's just okay. But the grill makes everything taste better, so I'm definitely interested in trying this out next time we have it.

This was a fascinating read on how the internet destroyed Tom Cruise. I thought he was cray. Now I have a lil' more sympathy for him. Just a lil'.

Ummmm, this tutorial on The Small Things Blog is a GAME CHANGER. I don't know any girl who doesn't use bobby pins, and I guarantee you'll learn something from this lil' video. Apparently I've been putting my bobbies in backwards all these years. Rookie mistake, rookie mistake. I've never understood how other people can get my hair to do things I could only dream of and now I just realized it's because I'm dumber than a doornail when it comes to bobby pins. No longer.


  1. OMG, read that article from The Small Things Blog. #mindblown How the heck did it take 15 years to realize you put the bumpy side DOWN?