This Is How I Feel, XII

When I tell someone I'm pregnant and they immediately look at my belly to see if it's true. (The evidence was there at six weeks, I assure you.)

When I hold disposable diapers.

When I'm wrestling Eli and get a little over zealous in needing to prove my superior strength over a 14 month old.

When I start to tell someone I'm pregnant, and then they tell me they're pregnant too at basically the same time. Like, how is it that there are so many December babies? I thought summer was the time to have babies?!?

Anything that promises to help me sleep while pregnant. Particularly those $150 pregnancy body pillows. Anyone have one I can borrow?

When I'm staring at a super-cute mom and her child and she catches me. (I have this weird fascination for watching other mom's interact with their kids.)

When I wake up in the middle of the night to settle Eli back down and think about how I'm going to have to do this times 20 with a newborn in a few months. 

When someone overshares on Instagram. 

When someone makes fun of me but I have an awesome comeback.

Every room I walk into since being pregnant. It's a need-to-know.

When listening to another mom tell me over and over again how smart and advanced her child is.

When another child steals Eli's toy, pushes him over or generally doesn't treat him like the precious jewel he is. Don' mess. 

When I realized how fast we got pregnant this time. 


  1. I totally fear kneading and used to fear yeast! I'm right there with you. I promise this book will make you a yeast master. :) Congrats on the move, and can't wait to hear about your experience when things settle and you have time to try it!