Worth Sharing

Lately my walks around the neighborhood have been getting a bit boring/redundant, so to spice them up I've been listening to podcasts. This list from Where My Heart Resides are some great sources, and I also love Longest Shortest Time and This American Life. Try them out if you need a little motivation to walk more than a quarter mile before you get bored!

Thought this concept of Momboarding from Whole Parenting Family was hilarious, and I've totally done it before - haven't we all?

Have you heard this song and seen the video from Colbie Caillat? If not, give it a listen. Apparently there's a lot of debate around it, but I just think people shouldn't read so much into it - it's a refreshing message in today's world.

I shared this on Facebook, but it did so much to calm my nerves I want to share it here too: This plan for "cheating" the 529 college saving's plan is brilliant if you have some cash reserves to pull it off. And even if you don't have as much as they're suggesting, it's still a great concept. Originally our financial planner told us we needed to start saving something in the neighborhood of $400/month since Eli was oh, ZERO until he was 18 in order to pay for a public college. Times that by 3+ children - yikes! This plan makes me feel better - but in all honesty, only a little.

Found this article fascinating in the Washington Post about what happened when a mother drove a Mercedes to pick up food stamps. There's tons of debate surrounding this article as well and to be honest, I'm not sure what to think about it. Here are some thoughts as to why it evoked such emotion in people.

Ummm, J.K. Rowling came out with a short essay about Harry Potter, and frankly, I was disappointed. While it was cool to learn what jobs everyone ended up with - that's about all the post offered. I want moooooooore Rowling. MOOOOOOOORE.

Have you heard about the concept of designer babies? You know, where you pick the gender and have a guarantee that the child won't have any chromosomal or genetic abnormalities? Well they're a reality and a smooth 50k can get you one - here's a flyover on the basics. I don't know about you, but this raises a lot of red flags in my book. Just the name "designer babies" makes me throw up in my mouth a little ...

After this post about finding balance in motherhood between perfectionism and laziness, I received a lot of comments, emails and messages from many of you with various thoughts. Some loved it, some hated it, and some were right in between. And that's okay! I only hope to challenge your thinking with things that I've been challenged by. One reader shared with me a great article from the Christian viewpoint, The High Calling of a Wife and Mother in Biblical Perspective, and it's definitely worth the read. While it's a heavy read (True confessions, I had to break it up into smaller chunks for each day or I started to glaze over.) it's worth every ounce of time to digest. It's inspired me to not just do my day-to-day care taking of Eli and the home, but to find the deeper value, esteem and purpose of it. Lots more thoughts here, but I need to turn them off since Worth Sharing is for me to share bite-sized tidbits, not a mud slide of opinions. Check it out when you get time.

And finally, I'm sad to say that I'm closing my chapter as a contributor with Rookie Moms. It's been such a fun ride but as I'm preparing for this new baby, I've been taking time to evaluate my writing commitments - as my number of hours of sleep each is night is about to shrink significantly. I'll still be regularly over at Twin Cities Moms Blog as well as entertaining a few random one-off projects -  but the majority of my time will be focusing more on this space and all of you! Thanks so much for your support as readers, and thank you to the lovely ladies over at Rookie Moms - it's been a true pleasure to work with them and I've enjoyed it immensely. If you'd still like to follow along with the other moms who participate in the Rookie Mom's challenges, you can do so right here. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my mombarding article. Haha--I just love the term!