It's A Girl!

In case you missed it, I totally crumbled and shared what we are having on Facebook and Instagram on Thursday. I thought I could hold strong until Monday, but as soon as I had these photos taken, I couldn't wait to share! We are thrilled to be having a girl! 

Both Mike and I were nearly 100 percent positive we were having a boy on the day of the ultrasound. Both sides of our family are heavily weighted towards boys (Like up to 90 percent boys in our extended family!) so we just assumed we'd follow the pattern. We both have all brothers, lots of boy cousins, heck we have four nephews and one niece so we're even more familiar with boy babies - a girl is definitely not what we expected. We just keep saying, "We can't believe it! We never thought we'd have a girl!"

I have to be honest, I really wanted a girl too. I've always wanted to have at least one of each and I can't believe I got my wish! At first, I thought I would be disappointed with a boy (Eeek, probably not okay to admit.), but as we neared the day of the ultrasound, I felt God changing my heart to be content with a boy - and truth of truths, by the day of our ultrasound, I really would have been okay with a boy, excited even! Which mad me believe even more we were having a boy. But nope! 

Blew my mind. 

The first thing out of Mike's mouth when we read the card was, "Like, how do you even raise a girl?"

I have no idea Mike. Right there with you. 


  1. Congrats! I'm so so excited for you. Can't wait to "watch" her grow up with Eli :) love the photos!

  2. Congratulations!!! As the mother of a little girl, I think they are the great :). We're expecting a little boy in a few weeks and we are asking the same "how are we going to do this?" questions too!

  3. Yay! I guessed right! Lol. Congratulations to you both - it's going to be a brand new experience :)

  4. Girls are sweet!