This Is How I Feel, XIII

When Mike and I find out that a movie all our non-parent friends saw six months ago in theaters is finally in RedBox and we can watch it after Eli's bedtime. 

When I pulled out my maternity jeans and remembered that I don't have to zip or button them.

When I finally got my energy back in the second trimester.

When I've been working with Eli on a body part or animal noise and he finally gets it right.

When another kid pushes Eli and the mom/dad doesn't do anything about it.

When Eli yells, "Dada!" and runs to the door when Mike gets home from work and I get to watch.

When Mike and I share a malt and I feel that I didn't get enough of it.

When Eli pulls out the puppy dog eyes because he wants cheese right before dinner and I give in even though I know it "ruins it."

When Mike asks me if my "intense responses" to his questions are due to pregnancy hormones.

When I read Oprah's quotes on the back of Starbuck's cups.

When I spy a cute top at Target and it's 50 percent off.

Watching Eli fall and smack his head on the ground for the millionth time

When Eli tries to hit me. (Why is it that all kids seem to go through this phase?)

When I want a kiss from Eli and he won't give me one. 

When I get weighed at my prenatal appointments. Why do they have to weigh me every. single. time?


  1. Oh my goodness, the Oprah quotes one! Bahaha! Completely. She can say so much without actually saying anything meaningful at all. Lol

  2. This is my favorite series that you do!

  3. totally epic. you must be a genius to be able to find these and coordinate them all. they're so perfect!