This Is How I Feel, XV

When my brother-in-law asked my husband and I if we were going to have a sex party. 

When I realized he meant "gender reveal party." (He honestly thought you called a gender reveal party, a sex party.) 

When I found out we were having a little girl and I realized I was finally free to purchase all those adorable headbands and bows I see other moms put their girls in. 

When think I forgot to pack diapers in the diaper bag, but then find one crumpled up in a pocket somewhere.

When I think about Eli growing up and getting married and not living with me forever. 

When we are at the park and someone comments on how cute Eli is and I want them to know that 1/2 of his genes come from me.

When someone asks me what Eli's glasses are for. HIS EYES?

When I want to feel sorry for myself because I'm pregnant and uncomfortable and no one understands. (Except for the millions of other women who have been and currently are pregnant, but in the moment, they don't count.)

When trying to figure out how I yet again lost just one sock in a pair from the washer to the dryer. How do those little things disappear so quickly?

When I give Eli food that's a little too hot and he tries to pull it out of his mouth while crying.

When I hear someone without kids tell me how their imaginary kid would or would not behave.

When Eli walked the catwalk for the first time and I realized he was a natural:

When I realized that I didn't squeeze my legs tight enough in preparation for a sneeze. #preggoproblems

When Eli flicks his milk straw and shoots milk everywhere.

When someone asks me what my biggest lesson learned has been as a mom:



  1. I love all of your posts like this - I laugh out loud no fewer than five times! Thanks for brightening my day!

  2. Oh YES! I feel your pain with the cloth diapers! Jeans were soooo tough, I finally found these stretchy ones that looked like jeans, but were more like sweats, and he wore them ALL last winter - check Gap for them, I think they still have them! And great idea finding boys sweats, that's brilliant! What a good idea. I honestly had no idea how frustrating the whole CD butt situation would be. He didn't fit into regular jeans with a normal diaper, there was no way he was going to fit into one with a CD! Zulilly is a great place, I sorta forgot about that website, I used it a lot when I was pregnant, but haven't really checked back in since. I'll mark that down to check out again. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Haha, I love that drawer rule, I need something like that! And the color scheme thing - that I need to keep in mind when shopping for a girl. I think I've naturally gravitated towards a similar color scheme for Eli just because I tend to like him in the same stuff and there are not too many options, but I can see it getting out of hand for a girl - there just seems to be more options! Thanks for all your tips, I also like the idea of going to garage sales just for play clothes, that's a good way to mentally "divide" it for where to spend your time and money. Thanks again!

  4. Laura, I've contemplated the capsule idea for our little gal but so far I've had to buy very little as Grandma likes to buy things and my niece is 6 months older than our daughter and passes everything down. Soon enough though they will wear the same size and that won't work anymore. I also have a niece that is exactly 1 year younger than Kella so we pass everything on to her! Since we moved to the DSM area I am excited to be around more quality consignment stores. I would agree with the comment above that girls clothes can be very versatile with leggings, skirts, dresses, tops, etc.

    I follow this gal on Instagram and she recently wrote about her little gals capsule wardrobe. I thought you might find it a fun read!

  5. Oh thanks for the link, that's helpful! Consignment is great - although I do feel like (at least up here) it's still fairly expensive - like $5 for a Carters tee, when I can get it on sale for $3 brand new. But hopefully you'll have better luck in Des Moines!

  6. I adore this series! <3