Ultrasounds, Water + Walks

Whew - yesterday was a little heavy, was it not? Although there were some great discussions going on in the comments and over on Facebook, I love hearing from you all - check it out if you get some time!

Let's make it a little lighter today ... because today's the day we find out baby's gender! I'm so excited to not only find out if we're having a boy or girl but also just to see this little bean on the ultrasound screen for the first time (The biggest/only downside of being a Midwife patient = only one ultrasound unless very necessary. I get it. I get it.)

I remember going in to our ultrasound for Eli (pic below), it was both an amazing day and a tough day. That was the day we found out he had a cyst on his brain, which wasn't a huge deal, but it did require us to go in for a second ultrasound four weeks later to see if it remained, and then it would be a huge deal. Thankfully, by God's mercy it vanished by the time of our second ultrasound - but I'd be lying if I didn't worry and pray about it every day between appointments.
Apparently, it's pretty common for babies to show up with this kind of stuff at the 20 week ultrasound ... ? I assumed it was rare until we told a few friends and then we found that at the ultrasound, their kid had a hole in their heart, or a spot on their liver, or a cyst on their brain too - and all of them were fine at the follow up.

Let's just say it's not common, but it's not uncommon either. Cray.

So in a few minutes I'll be drinking my 24 oz. of water and then I'm going to have to figure out how to hold it in for at least two hours.

Please pray for me.

I pee AT LEAST every hour right now and that's with me drinking water "normally." The other day we went on a walk to return a movie to RedBox. I peed before we left. At the store when we arrived. And then as soon as we got home I was shimmying up the stairs willing myself to make it to the bathroom. Please note, the RedBox was five blocks away. FIVE BLOCKS.

Alas. I have no control.

TMI? Well this is real life second pregnancy people. I can't walk without having to pee. I thought it was bad during the first pregnancy, but NO that was cake. I'm never going to be able to jump on a trampoline again in my life.

Or walk down the stairs without a little trickle.

Okay hopefully that won't be true.

The second one. I KNOW the first one will be.

Okay, gots to go drink that water.

I'll be back in a few days to let you all know what we're having - Mike and I are doing a low-key reveal at a restaurant tonight, then we'll the fam, and then I'll tell you all. I can't wait!

What do you think? Boy or girl?

* In case you were wondering. I have zero guesses. I'm just not good at that stuff. But I will tell you, if the wives tales are true, I'll FINALLY get to shop the baby girl section at Target! 


  1. Thinking of you today and praying you get great news and all looks healthy and normal!

  2. I tried to do jumping jacks about 4 weeks after #2....bad idea. Bad, bad, bad.

  3. I guess girl too! I'm sure everything on the ultrasound will be perfect and healthy - so excited for you. It's fantastic seeing that little life on the screen :)

  4. Thanks Amanda - it is so amazing that we get to see inside and peek at them. I love seeing the baby move, it brings me to tears every time!