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Ahh, Stitch Fix. They're amazing. They're horrible. Seems like the pendlum keeps swinging back and forth on them. While I've stopped my Fixes for now since I'm preggers (Even though they say they'll give you regular clothes that can work as maternity.), I'm thinking I'd like to give it another shot or two come next spring. (Who am I kidding, there's no way I'll lose the baby weight by then - so maybe two springs from now?) But this article on $25 shorts from Nordstrom Rack showing up in a Fix for $68 is a pretty big deterrent. Yikes.

I've found myself getting more and more into listening to talk radio, podcasts, sermons and even audio books - and it's upped my information intake a crazy amount. But here are some thoughts on when reading (or listening to anything) is rude.  I think I'd have to agree. Although I'd love to walk Target with my earbuds in.  

Notes on parenting from Michelle Duggar - I'd "hear, hear" all her tips. 

Outside the confines of these pages on the web, Facebook is my main way of interacting with you all. I've never been crazy about the Facebook-machine, but I see it's value in some ways and so I hang out there, hoping you all will visit. If you're not a blogger, I'll just tell you that Facebook is probably one of blogger's biggest thorns in their flesh. It has a more difficult algorithm to figure out than Google and is constantly changing, so even if you want to see my (or any other page or friend's) updates, you may not, just because Facebook is a machine, not a human, and it's meant first and foremost to make money - not keep you connected with friends and brands. Two articles recently came out about the Facebook Like that I found fascinating - and a true testament to the prior sentence. "I Liked Everything I Saw On Facebook For Two Days. Here's What It Did To Me." and "I Quit Liking Things On Facebook For Two Weeks. Here's How It Changed My View Of Humanity."  Both show the power or rather Facebook's powerful use of the Like. While I'm not sure I want to deter you all from Liking things - because that's the main way to ensure you see new post updates from the OA page - I more want you to be educated and smart about how your Like is being used. And if you do want to ensure you receive OA's updates - or again, any other page's - without even having to frequently Like a post, just go to the brand's page and hold down "Liked," then hit "Get Notifications."

Lika dis:

Just behind labor and delivery, I'm most scared of battling breastfeeding again. I can't say from personal experience how true these differences in breastfeeding the first and the last baby are, but I'd imagine they're pretty accurate. 

Oh goodness, this article answered one of the biggest questions I've ever had, "Why It's So Hard To Catch Your Own Typos." I've been wondering this forever. I can find typos in anything else I read, but it's SO hard for me to catch my own, especially here on the blog. I'd pretty much need to print out each post and go through it line by line. But according to this article, apparently I'm actually being verrrrry smart when I DON'T catch typos. Weird. 


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