Eli - 17 Month Update

Naps: One or two naps a day, depending on when he wakes up. Trying to transition to one nap a day for good. 
Feeding: Two percent milk (16-20 oz./day), water all day, and table foods three times a day with a snack after his afternoon nap.
Clothing: 12 - 18 month.
Bedtime: 8 p.m. Sleeps 12-13 hours consistently each night.

I transitioned him over to two percent milk this month! It really wasn't a big deal at all. One day he was drinking whole milk and when that ran out it was two percent. The pediatrician said I could at our 14 month well-check since Eli was so "healthy," but it took me a while to really feel comfortable with it. After a bit I just got sick of buying two different types of milk, so I put the whole family on two percent. Besides that there's nothing really new in the eating department. Still obsessed with dipping sauces - particularly mustard. I've caught him multiple times trying to suck it straight out of the bottle when he can get his hands on it. He loves bananas and will shout "Nanas!" when he sees them - anytime, anywhere. Even when grocery shopping. The produce section is dangerous for my hungry kid I tell ya. 

Sleeping has been sorta all over the place. Not bad, but different. Traveling was tough on him again. Our little "curtain room" trick didn't work for long - on our next trip he was awake most of the night, so I ended up co-sleeping with him while Mike took the couch. For the record, co-sleeping is amazing. I totally get why people do it. Although I have to admit too that I'm glad I don't have to do it every night. But sleeping by that snuggly, soft little boy, well it makes all the crying and awake time at night totally worth it when he finally falls asleep. 

At the end of the month, Eli began working on four new teeth, two of which are molars. Last week, his bottom two teeth finally popped through, but he's still working on those top two. He's been much more sensitive and woken a few times at night, sometimes with a low-grade fever. I've co-slept with him a couple other nights in the guest room when that's happened and it makes the night go a lot easier. He always seems to "feel better" in bed with me, so I tell him, "Eli you can lie here with momma, or you can go nigh, nigh in your crib." Without fail, he lies down. But, I will admit, I have to say it about 12 times before he actually stays down for good and falls asleep. 

We've also nearly completely dropped his morning nap! It was sort of a happy accident. As I mentioned, we traveled a ton, so often he didn't get his morning nap since we're out and about. We also had a lot of busy mornings when we were back home, so there were many days I just couldn't give him one if I wanted to. For now, if he wakes up after 8 a.m., he definitely doesn't get one. But if he wakes before 8 a.m., I watch him and if he seems tired, or we have a low-key day, he usually still takes a nap around 10 a.m. - Noon, then again around 3 p.m. On the days he takes one nap, he goes down at 1 p.m. and will sleep anywhere from 2 - 4 hours, but it's different every day, and more often than not on the two hour side of things. 

Eli's vocabulary continues to astound Mike and I. This month, we've noticed he's gone from saying new words only when prompted, to repeating us on his own, usually just the last word we say in a sentence. It's crazy how we'll be talking to one another in the car or in the kitchen or something, then hear Eli pipe up with, "Shoot!!" (whoops!) "Coffee!" or "Church!" Obviously, he doesn't know the meaning to those words, but he's still attempting to talk all. the. time. He'll pretty much say anything we try to prompt him to say, with the exception of most words that begin with "A" and "L." He won't for anything attempt to say "Love you!" Gah, working on that one! He can say all his aunts, uncles and cousins names, except for one of his cousin's names is Cal, to which he always lets out a deep "Mooooo!" for - sorry Cal! 

He knows about 10-15 animal sounds, and I totally attribute it to this app (free!) on the iPad that you all recommended when I asked a while back on Facebook. He also knows all of his main body parts and can point pretty accurately to them, and he's just starting to understand that everyone else has those parts too. So now when I ask, "Where's Momma's nose?" He chooses to pick my nose instead of his. Okay. Cool. He's also crazy about my earrings. He loves turning my head back and forth, looking and pointing at them and saying, "Errr'gs!" I'm pretty sure he thinks they're an actual body part of mine. 

He's also learned how to jump - er, attempt to jump, we just call it his "deep knee bend" and spin around in a circle. He has a lot more dexterity this month and has more interest in helping me do things around the house for longer periods of time. Things like picking grapes off the stem and putting them in a bowl, or unloading silverware and handing them to me one at a time to put away. 

He also continues to be more and more brave - last month he took a scary fall down our deck steps, face-planting into a pot of Impatients. Understandably, for a while he was pretty scared to go up or down stairs, but by the end of the month it seemed like he started to get his confidence back and is more willing to climb stairs on his own or go down with assistance. He still won't go down backwards like I know a lot of kids his age will. He really wants to go forward with me holding on to BOTH hands. Ahh, well. I'm just glad he'll go up them on his own again. 

He (like most toddlers) is crazy into music and as the song on Pandora turns over, he'll look at me and say, "More? More?" then clap and smile like a crazy person when it comes back on. I think he thinks I'm magic since I don't even have to touch anything and the music comes back when he asks. If I get him started, the kid can't stand even two seconds without music. This feels pretty good when I'm the one singing to him, although we did have a car ride where I started singing too early. I think I sang for a solid half hour to him to keep him from crying. I hated singing at the end of that trip. 

Of course, he still loves walking, so for most of our errands I skip the cart or let Eli push it if I really need it. He follows me around like a little puppy, kinda doing his own thing and getting distracted by anything in the shape of a truck or covered in fake fur, but for the most part, he stays pretty close to me. (Same aisle at least!) He waves to people and shouts "Hi!" as we walk - he'd make an amazing politician - he has the parade wave down pat. 

Speaking of trucks and fur, those are by far his favorite things - he's still crazy about his stuffed animals, letting out audible sighs and loud kissy noises when he holds them. He also became somewhat fascinated with the show "Mighty Machines." My mom had them on DVD on a family vacation for the grandkids, and I couldn't believe how well all the boys sat still to basically watch a boring construction site. I found all the episodes free on YouTube and Eli will probably watch an episode for about 15 straight minutes, while shouting, "duckt!" (truck) or making "choo choo" noises. Because of his love for trucks, I also got him a few new toy trucks this month when I realized we didn't have any. They're just the CAT knock offs - and Eli went bizerk when the Amazon box came. The trucks were of course strapped down in their box and Eli kept saying, "Out?" "Help?" over and over again as I was working on getting them out. Pretty soon he was in tears because I wasn't moving fast enough - way to show your thankfulness kid. 

All this to say, these days, if I make one of Eli's stuffed animals drive his skid loader, the kid's in heaven. 

Momma/Daddy Update
This month, Eli has started showing more parenting preference. It's kinda hard for me to admit, but he loves his dad "the most" about 70 percent of the time. Whomp. Whomp. He was actually was calling me "Dada" for a while - it took everything in me to respond as if he had said "Momma" and not just ignore him until he remembered my name. Lemme tell you, that'll bring your parenting ego down a notch or two. He gets much less time with his dad, so I know it's more exciting to be around him and I'll be honest, Mike's just more fun than me. And, when you're only with a kid one hour a day, it's easier to be THE FUN ZONE the entire time you're around than if you're trying to spread that same "fun energy" over the course of a full day. It's not that Eli doesn't want me, it just I can tell he'd prefer to have Mike hold him, etc. And honestly, I'm totally fine with it. It makes me super happy that Eli loves his dad so much! And the good thing is, anytime Eli is super tired, gets hurt (Often by his FUN DAD!) or doesn't feel well - who does he want? Me. Me. Me. Me! I'll take it. 

Overall, we're doing really well. Mike says his favorite part of the day is putting Eli to bed, and those two crazies take AT LEAST 30 minutes to get ready for bed in the nursery. While I'll pop my head in every once in a while, I know it's precious alone time for Mike to soak up with Eli, so I love just listening to the giggles that float down downstairs while they're supposedly "unwinding." (Although it sounds to me like they're winding UP.) Every night, Mike comes down saying something along the lines of, "Oh man, that kid is so fun." 

As for me, I love hanging with Eli all day every day. He's totally one of my besties (is that bad?) and my favorite part of the day is actually putting him down for a nap - so I get why Mike likes putting him to bed so much. Real (and fake!) laughs from Eli, tons of unsolicited kisses, attempts to sing with me and snuggling in the rocker while he sucks his thumb. It's definitely the most awesome part of my day. 


  1. Great update Laura----Eli is SUCH a cutie. I miss nannying for my cousins when they were this age, they are so curious and entertaining---of course he's your bestie! Now I want a baby girl and Momma update! ;)

  2. Wow! What a smart kid! He does sound like a lot of fun. I'm going to have to check out Mighty Machines because my son is infatuated with things that go. The only other TV we let him watch is "Signing Time" (on Netflix--he is GLUED) and occasionally "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood." The "Curious George" and "Family Folk Songs" radio stations are usually on Pandora at our house from the moment he gets up.

    I totally envy the amount Eli sleeps. My son only sleeps 11 hours at night on a good night and we transitioned to one two-hour afternoon nap a few months ago. Before that he only got about 2.5-3 hours broken up over two naps. He has never been a good sleeper and it has been a very rocky road. That two hour nap feels like a vacation every day, now that I finally decided to not spend that time doing housework and instead do some recharging myself.

  3. Thanks for the recommended app! My guy is just a month behind Eli and your updates are super helpful. :)

  4. No problem, glad to hear they're helpful! I know I always love reading other's updates that have kiddos just ahead of Eli. Always makes me excited for what to expect!

  5. Yes! Definitely do check out Mighty Machines - love that it's free! Eli likes Signing Time, but for some reason both Curious George and Daniel Tiger never seem to hold his attention. Maybe in a few months?

    Re: Sleep. Sorry! Particularly with my in-person mom friends, I try not to talk about it too much, I know I'm totally spoiled! But 11 hour nights is pretty good! And yes, when you have so little nap time, it's definitely important to recharge during it. Now that Eli's only down to a few hours a day, I keep wondering what I used to do with my when he slept 75 percent of the day! I feel like I never have any time to myself - PERSPECTIVE! :)

  6. Thanks Valerie! Yes, this age is SO entertaining! I just keep feeling like he gets more and more fun! Baby momma update ... hmmm ... I just never feel like there's that much to report! I'm pregnant and huge. ;) I'll think about it though. :)