On Turning Twenty Eight

Yesterday I turned 28. I spent most of the day lying on the floor, covered in stuffed animals, toy trucks and tiny shoes. Eli's in an incredibly "helpful" stage where he wants to share everything with everyone, even his half-eaten food. Thankfully, that wasn't available to him yesterday as we were playing together.

At one point, after he had every stuffed animal he owned on top of me, he used himself as the cherry-on-top and dramatically laid across my giraffe- and bear-covered belly. I pulled him to the side because baby sister let out an angry kick, and snapped this pic just as quick as I could.
Of course, Eli didn't realize it was my birthday, even though I told him at least 34 times and sang "Happy Birthday" to myself another 14. He LOVED clapping along and letting out a little note here and there to the song every time, so I'm counting it as a win. 

Someone asked me yesterday if this is where I thought I'd be at 28. 

Not at all. 

This is a much better place than I ever imagined.

I remember dreaming about 28 when I was in my teens - or at least dreaming about my late-twenties. I was incredibly cool, successful, single and well-traveled. I had a killer career, wore heels and probably even carried a "briefcase." (Do those even exist anymore?)

In reality, I'm a married, momma-of-two who's only place of travel is between Target and JoAnn. I'm a pretty average stay-at-home mom that wears sneaks and rocks a diaper bag even when my kid isn't in tow. 

And you know what I think? I'm absolutely much cooler and more successful than my dreamy twenty-eight year old self. 

I'm pretty glad that dream didn't pan out, because this life? So much better. 

So here's to twenty eight continuing to not be what I ever dreamed of. 

And I suppose in reality, that just means that I'm truly "livin' the dream." Right?


  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Laura! Wishing a joyous 28th year full of awesome.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I agree, I'm not where I imagined as a kid I'd be at 28, but it's all good! I have been blessed with the things that I couldn't make happen if I wanted to: a loving husband, beautiful son, close family, and even a great dog. And those are more important than what I would have carried in my imaginary briefcase.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Laura! Eli is a handsome little devil. So glad you're happy where you are in life! :)

  5. This is super belated (just now catching up on my blog reading!) - but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love what you wrote about where you thought you'd be at 28 and where you are. God sure has better stories for us than what we dream up ourselves, doesn't He?