Rustic Fall Baby Shower & DIY Giant Kraft Paper Flowers

Last weekend, I helped host a baby shower for one of my sister-in-laws. She's due just 2.5 weeks before me and I couldn't be more excited for my kiddos to finally have a cousin on my husband's side of the family!

The morning of the shower I had major deja vu; it felt like not that long ago I was headed to my own shower for Eli. I remember being so excited to see everyone I loved and just have a chance to talk ALL morning about MY baby and what was happening and what was to come.

And I was also really excited about the food. Probably a bit too excited. But that's just what makes a pregnant lady's world (and belly) go round, you know?  

We wanted to make the shower super special for my sister-in-law and our original plan was to have to shower outside in my mother-in-law's beautiful backyard. But the Minnesota weather proved to be a bit too cool (It was about 55 degrees out when we were supposed to be having the shower.), so we decided to host it inside so people didn't freeze. Luckily, my mother-in-law has a gorgeous home outside and in, so it was still a beautiful shower. 

It was just one of those things where you do tons of planning, crafting and preparation with one thing in mind, then have to totally repurpose it to work somewhere completely different at the last minute. Had we known, we may have planned it a bit differently, but I think it turned out well with what we were given. 

Today I'm going to show you one of the biggest things we crafted up that made a huge impact on the decor, these huge, nay, giant kraft paper flowers. Perfecto for baby showers, bridal showers or really anything that needs a lil' fall/rustic touch. 
But first, a bit of info on the shower. While I won't go into full detail of all we did, the food we served, etc., as rustic showers are a dime a' dozen on Pinterest, I will tell you that a successful rustic fall shower is made up of plenty of two things: ditch flowers and burlap.  

Us country girls at heart know how to take full advantage of those ditch flowers. Ditch flowers are totally free and I love how you can transform something that looks sorta lonely on its own into something so beautiful when you combine them together. You just have to be willing to get in that ditch and deal with all the wildlife near those wildflowers. I nearly stepped on a snake, I kid you not. It was all I could do to not run straight back inside and never come out again. But over the years I've learned to remain chill in front of a snake, so don't worry. I looked super cool in front of him as he slithered by. 

I'm sure he was impressed.

For the burlap, you can snag burlap at about three bucks a yard (then of course, be sure to apply a coupon!), so it's awesome to use all over the place with a shower like this.

For the centerpieces, we just lined some simple trays with burlap, vases with ditch flowers, lanterns filled with raffia, and tea lights.

We had a few placemats that already fit the rustic theme, but we needed quite a few more, so we cut additional ones from burlap. After you cut them, you can easily fray the edges by just pulling out a few threads. No sewing required!
We also mass-produced about 50 feet of bunting. Our original plan was to hang it like a garland in the trees, so when we used it inside we basically had enough to cover the entire house with it. To make it, we cut simple diamond shapes out of pretty paper, folded them in half over some yarn, and hot glued the tips together. So easy!
And what's a baby shower without some fauxmosas? We filled glass Ikea jars with cranberry juice, Sprite and OJ to make fauxmosas for the group. Some people even combined all three ... weirdos.

But as my mother used to say to me, "Don't judge, no one is making you drink it."

Touché mother. Touché.
Also, I need to tell you about these pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Ahhh-mazing. You should make them NOW. Don't they look like they came straight from a bakery? We made these the day before then left them uncovered on the counter overnight and they were perfect the next day.

And the day after.

Yep, I totally pulled the pregnancy card and owned those leftovers.

They're a bit putzy, but they were soooo worth it.
Now let's talk about these flowers, shall we? As I said, we were originally hoping to have the shower outside, so our plan was to create these huge kraft paper flowers to hang in the trees. Since we didn't have any trees to hang them on inside, we hung them with command strips all over the house.

Here's how easy it is to make 'em. 

  • Large roll of kraft paper for petals (I purchase mine at Home Depot - way cheaper than any craft store!)
  • Pretty paper for the stamen/eye of the flower. You'll need two coordinating pieces of paper per flower
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil

To make the eye, or stamen, of the flower, cut out two circles from two different colors of paper. I just used mixing bowls as a template, one was 11" and one was about 9". You don't need anything exact here, just one larger circle about 12" and one smaller circle.
After you've cut the circles, take your scissors and "fray" the edges. Just eyeball it, cutting strips about 3" deep and 1" apart. After you're finished cutting, hot glue the pieces together and fluff the frays up with your hands a bit.
To cut the petals, draw a shell shape on a piece of kraft paper. The base or straight edge should be 9" long, and the overall petal should be about 12-13". Don't worry about making it perfect, nature is not perfect, so the more "organic-looking" the better. I did create a template so I could move through them faster and ensure they'd be similar, so feel free to do that as well.

Once your petal is cut out, cut a line about 5" up the middle of the petal. Create eight of these.
Once all your petals are cut out, overlap where you made the 5" deep cut and hot glue the two pieces together. An overlap of about 2" is all you need, just enough to give it that "cup" as a petal.

Repeat for all your petals.
Next, assemble the flower. Layer five of the petals together, creating a star shape. Secure each petal to the next with hot glue.

Once you have a base, glue in your three additional petals on to make it look more full.
 You may need to glue some of the petals together further out, just to help the flower stay open.
 Once all the petals are glued together, glue in the stamen to finish.
And that's it! You're done! 

Fast and easy, right? 


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