This Is How I Feel, XVI

When I suddenly catch myself swaying back and forth as I'm talking to someone who's doing it too - but they're actually holding a baby. 

When Eli falls asleep in the carseat with his neck cranked at a weird angle.

When another parent tells me, "We don't believe in the word, 'No.'" 

The day Eli's molars broke through. 

 When trying to figure out why all toddlers always feel a little bit sticky.

When I'm in a large group of kids and lose track of Eli for .00001 of a second.

When I'm hiding in the kitchen to eat something I don't want to share with Eli and my husband catches me.

When I'm playing a children's song and realize it's kinda catchy.

When I'm in bad mood but someone says something funny, but not that funny and I'm trying to be a good sport. #tryharder

When I see two cool looking moms talking and I'm feeling left out because I want to be cool too.

When I'm trying to keep Eli awake on the car ride home before his nap so he doesn't get a power nap in and not want to sleep when we get home. #dontmesswiththeafternoonnap

When Eli exhibits bad behavior at the dinner table and I'm trying not to encourage it by laughing.

When another parent lets me know that Eli's shoes are on the wrong feet (when I put them on). #iknewthat


  1. I pretty much pee my pants whenever you post these... I love it! Thanks for a great start to the morning!

  2. These are my favorite posts ever! :)