How To Quickly and Easily Sell Used Cloth Diapers Locally (And How To Determine How Much To Sell Your Stash For)

When I made the decision to try out cloth diapering, one of the big selling points for both my husband and me was the great resale value they have. I purchased my entire stash at Nikki's Closet for steal during their Black Friday sale, and landed 18 diapers for $205. A year and a half later, when I chose to stop cloth diapering, I was able to sell them all for exactly that - and in less than 24 hours.
If you're looking to sell your stash, or even sell just a few cloth diapers that you no longer need, my biggest tip is to find an online Facebook group that serves your local community. Particularly if you live in a big city, there are tons of awesome Facebook groups that not only support each other with questions and tips about cloth diapering, but are also great marketplaces to buy, sell and trade cloth diapers and gear. (Which means it's great to be in them, whether or not you're ready to sell!)

Plus, by selling locally, you don't have to mess with shipping. It basically works like Craigslist, but by posting in a cloth diapering-specific Facebook group, you're getting a community that's 100 percent dedicated to cloth diapers which means they'll all be interested in what you're selling.

Locally here in Minnesota, I used the Minnesota Cloth Diapering Mommies group. If you don't live in the state, just use the Facebook search by typing in "(Location) Cloth Diapers," and a few groups should show up. Try a few different locations if your original one isn't bringing anything up, such as another large city nearby or using your region (like "Central Minnesota"), or your state.

The biggest key to selling cloth diapers is putting together a solid listing. When putting together your post, you'll want to include a few things - this will not only keep you from spending a lot of time answering questions, but it will also help you sell them faster! I sold all my BumGenius diapers in less than 15 minutes. Pretty good for a days work I'd say.

Here's what to include:
  • Brand name and specific diaper type
  • Color(s) - It's best if you can use the name of the colors the brand uses, so rather than just "blue," it might be, "Light It Up Blue." 
  • Quantity of each diaper and each color
  • Original price and asking price - This is important! You're quickly proving the "value" of the diaper - if you can, link to a retailer's listing of the same diaper, so potential buyers can quickly click over to review it. 
  • Condition - Here's a good list of how to define the condition of your diaper. Mine were in "EUC" - Excellent Used Condition. I made sure to note in the listing that they had never been dried, had no stains, discolorations, rips, tears or markings and the snaps still worked perfectly. Essentially, they were pretty tough to distinguish from new ones. It's in this listing paragraph that you're making the case for your asking price, so give them as much information as possible. 
  • Quality photos - Show quality photos of both the diapers and the inserts (if applicable) in good lighting and on a plain background. If there are rips, stains or markings on any of the diapers, you'll want to include close up photos of them as well. 
Now the big question I'm sure you're wondering - how much can I get for my cloth diapers? 

Well, here's the industry standard:* 
  • New With Tags - 90 percent of retail price
  • Like New- 80 percent of retail price
  • Excellent Used Condition - 70 percent of retail price
  • Very Good Used Condition - 50-60 percent of retail price
  • Good Used Condition - less than 50 percent of retail price
  • Used Condition - whatever you can get

As I mentioned, mine were EUC, and since I originally purchased my diapers new at 70 percent of retail price, I was able to come out even. It's up to you to determine their condition and value, but be honest about it!

A quick side note on pricing: One of the other big factors that helped me make my money back was that the styles of diapers I was selling were still being sold retail. If the brand has discontinued your diaper style, you may not be able to get quite as much money for it.

For payment, you'll likely just swap the diapers for cash when you meet up with the buyer, but people often use PayPal as well. I had several people interested in my diapers, and the person who eventually ended up purchasing the majority of them was unable to meet with me for a few days. So she sent me a "down payment" via PayPal so I would hold them for her.

If you can't find a cloth diaper Facebook group in your area, or for some reason no one is biting at your sale, you can also often sell them at a local consignment store (just Google around to see if there is one in your area) or you can sell them online. Search for a larger buy/sell/trade cloth diaper Facebook group (Like this one.) or there are several sites online dedicated to it to. A few of the big ones are, and They require more work, and often you'll need to deal with shipping, but likely you'll still get a great price for your diapers.

Good luck!



  1. I sold mine fairly quickly on Craigslist. :)