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Heyo, I just wanted to pop in today and have a chat with you all. I feel like a lot of the post lately have been heavier, more thought out and "article like" and not just a convo from me to you lovely people. And while I love writing those posts because it helps me process my thoughts and frankly - gives my brain a break from spinning with emotions/ideas/feelings - I also love just talking with you all in "real time."

It's been a crazy busy few weeks here on the homestead. Nesting FINALLY kicked in. About a week ago, Mike said, "Oh no, nesting-beast mode is back. Now I'm going to have to work all the time." And he was right. I was a lazy bones for 29 weeks and I hit the 30 week mark and it was like a flip was switched. I'm deep cleaning, finally getting the kid's rooms in order (Sneak peek of baby girl's room over on the gram righta here.), purging like a maniac, finally finishing the living room redecorating project, crafting and just generally running around like a tornado.  Seriously the belly makes me run into and tip over everything. I break more stuff than Eli.

On top of just me being well, sorta insane- er, pregnant - we've had a few medical things pop up in the family to deal with, as well as a somewhat self-imposed/obligatory zany social life. I was face-timing with my mom on Sunday and she kept commenting on how tired I looked. I even had makeup on, my hair did, and was wearing a fancy polyester shirt for a baby shower for my sister-in-law I went to that day. I was actually feeling quite pretty at the time for all the effort I put in ... I had to remind myself that it's a mom's job to speak truth to her children even when they don't want to hear it, amiright?

I've been running around so much I'm waddling like a duck at the end of every day - something that didn't happen with Eli until I was about 35 weeks. I kid you not, I have to focus on how I'm walking to keep the waddle in-check. And since I can't focus on two things at once when I'm pregnant, that means I just end up losing my keys, or leaving Eli down a random aisle in the grocery store, or forgetting at least 40 percent of the things on my shopping list.

But for all this, it's still a good life. I was a bit stressed out the other day about all that's going on, but I know each day brings us closer to meeting baby girl and getting the "next chapter" started. And I'm so excited. With Eli, it was all I could do to cross my legs and hold him in a little longer when he came five days early, but this baby couldn't be more different. I'm ready to get this show on the road and meet that crazy ninja in my belly. I know it'll be a huge change (So many thoughts here I must write on this topic!) but in the very few ways you can be, I'm ready for it - at least mentally. I'm seriously so excited to meet her I could cry.

Remember those post about not being a sappy mom? Yeah, scratch that. I'm getting all weepy right now with my head over the keyboard as I try to figure out the next sentence to type. Oh look at that, a tear just fell on my pointer finger.

I can't make this stuff up you guys.

That's what I get for writing not one, but TWO posts on moms and sentimentality. See? Us non-sappy moms really do have hearts.

Okay, I'm done! I'm done!

Over and out.


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