Sick Season (Or Shall I Say Snuggle Season?) Is Back

Well, we spent another late night in the ER two nights ago. And here I am again feeling like the mom that doesn't get her kid the care he needs in time. Eli had a slight cold starting on Monday and as I mentioned, didn't sleep or feel well at all that night, capping it off by throwing up down my shirt. When Mike came home on Tuesday night, he noticed Eli was breathing heavily, rapidly and well, just weirdly. He asked me about it and I said I'd noticed and if it didn't go away, I'd take him in the next day. 

Well Mike wouldn't let it drop (Thankfully!), convinced me to call the nurse line, and I was promptly told, "If it's anything over 40 breaths a minute, it's a medical emergency - head to the nearest children's hospital."

Eli was in the high 50's.

Turns out, the poor child has a double ear infection and Bronchiolitis (Apparently not the same as Bronchitius - it's fluid in the small airways of the lungs that affect a child's ability to breathe. I didn't know either - Google for the win.)

We were sent home with lots of meds and a nebulizer. I think I was asked 15 times if we had a neb at home or had ever used one. Apparently it's strange to have a child make it to 18 months without having used it? But I'm glad we did, Eli hates that thing. It takes about 15 minutes to deliver the meds, and he has about five minutes of tolerance for it.

We watch Curious George (he looooves the making monkey sounds during it), and after he looses interest in that a short five minutes later, we play a game where he can turn it on and off, as long has he breaaaaathes deeeeep after he turns it on. He'll usually help me leave it on him for a couple minutes and takes hilariously long deep breaths - but then he's all about turning it off.

Oh well, at least he's getting most of the meds? I think?

Anyone else have tricks for getting their child to use a neb?

Already he's feeling much better and I'm shaking off those feelings of being a lousy mom for not getting him help as soon as I could. I don't know why I do that - I do it with myself too and have paid the price several times. With health stuff, I'd just rather "see where it goes," than cry wolf all the time, you know? But I'm learning that when it comes to my kids, 1) It's always better to be safe than sorry and 2) The peace of mind is always worth taking your child to the doctor.

I am not looking forward to cold season starting back up this winter. Summer has been a great break, we escaped with only a couple of short-lived colds. But winter always seems to be a different story ...

And now with a newborn - oh dear. The only bright side of sickness is all the extra snuggles it brings.

Here's hoping this is the worst we'll face this year.


  1. Poor Eli! We just finished another round of neb treatments for Cayden. He isn't much of a fan either, but I doubt many kids are. We would throw in Baby Einstein, and on the off-chance that Bryan was home I had him entertain us :) I did find it helpful to do right before bed and nap, since he is typically tired, relaxed, and up for cuddling - but that would only work if he doesn't need a steroid. Hang in there!

  2. Aww poor Eli! My friend has twins who have asthma, so they have done the nebulizer for a while twice a day - x2!!! She said it takes up so much time. But they just got switched to inhalers and that has been a LIFE SAVER (or more like time saver). Hopefully Eli doesn't have to be on the meds for long and feels better soon! He is a pretty cute sick boy though :)

  3. Oh my goodness, your poor friend! That definitely would take a ton of time! That's so great they got inhalers, I just can't imagine. Puts it in perspective. :)

  4. Poor Cayden! Baby Einstein is a good idea for a show, I'll see if Eli likes that! Thanks so much!

  5. I agree that Baby Einstein is great for Eli's age! Lewis liked it up until he was around 19-20 months and he could better understand the 'plot' of a short show. Until he was talking in full sentences, I found that shows with lots of talking didn't hold his attention - but he would watch Baby Einstein for up to 15-20 min sometimes. Hopefully you'll be done with the nebulizer soon. :-(