This Is How I Feel, XVII

When Eli falls off a chair in a room full of non-parents. (They don't realize yet kids are made of rubber.)

When I'm craving fried food, but made the "right choice for me and baby," by eating an apple.

When someone asks me if that apple "hit the spot" and if I'm no longer hungry. 

When my 18 month old decides it'd be fun to just walk down the stairs facing forward and falls on his face.

When a J.Crew catalog comes and I start flipping through it, but then realize that I can't buy anything for at least a year until I (fingers-crossed) lose the baby weight. 

When I first learned the true pronunciation of Britax and Chicco and I realized that I'd been saying it wrong for more than a year of motherhood.

When I see my toddler share without me having to prompt/force him to.

When my Midwife asks me, "How I've been eating," at a baby appointment. 

 During afternoon nap, when I'm feeling a little lonely and wish I had someone to talk to.

When a waitress sets down several hot plates of food right in front of my son before I can intercept them. 

When I see a mom with four kids cruising around Target like it ain't no thang. (Ahem, Amber at Mommy's Me Time - I'm looking at YOU!)

When my toddler's throwing a huge tantrum and I'm scared if I make any sudden movements or try to talk to him it'll escalate further.

When listening to two moms debate the pros and cons of co-sleeping vs. sleep training.

When a man off-handedly mentions that pregnancy and childbirth "can't be that bad."

When my husband asks me if I went to Starbucks that day.


  1. These are always so good! I think my favorite one is the co-sleeping/ sleep training one. Made me laugh out loud.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA OH MY WORD. day made. this is too perfect!