Welcome Back

It was never meant to officially be a "babymoon" but that is sorta what it became. Mike and I just returned home from a five day trip to Boston and a bit of the New England coast last night sans Eli. He stayed with his generous Papa and Grandma in Iowa, living the high life.

While a childless vacation was wonderful in every way, I realized just how different it is when you're a parent. In fact, the entire thing was pretty bittersweet. Never before have I both dreaded and been excited for a trip before - usually it's all just excitement.

Just before we left, Mike and I kept asking each other if we booked it for too long. Sure, three months ago leaving Eli for five days sounded like cake, but when it came down to it, we were both nervous we'd miss him too much to enjoy it. While Mike had left him for a week before, I'd never been away from Eli for more than 36 hours. A day and a half to five is a pretty big jump.

The first few days weren't too bad, but by day three, we found ourselves talking about Eli more than anything else, and even answering each other in Eli voices. "Do you want to take a tour of Harvard?" I would ask. "Chess!" ("Yes," in Eli-speak.) Mike would answer.

When we stumbled on a dog park, we found ourselves finding a bench to watch the show and talk all about which dog Eli would like best and how he'd be air-kissing them and barking. When we ate an extra chocolatey dessert we talked about how Eli would devour it, but insist he use his own fork. When we saw seals while sailing, we commented how much we wish Eli could see them. And every. single. time. we saw a big truck or construction site, we pointed it out to each other by saying, "Truckdt! Eli would love that!"

But this morning, it's already seven thirty a.m. and I don't think I got more than two hours sleep collectively last night. Eli caught a cold and seemed to be extra clingy last night. Since we've been gone so much, we didn't have the heart but to give him everything he wanted. Which was to play, fuss, co-sleep, play, fuss, co-sleep, repeat. I was a bit confused because usually the common cold doesn't throw him off that much, but I chalked it up to just missing us.

And then he threw up all over me at 6 a.m.

Ah, that explains it.

Welcome back to parenthood, right?


  1. Beautiful photos Laura!---You've got skillz (yes--the kind with a 'Z') I'm not sure the missing your little ones really subsides much as they get older; no kids of my own, but I recall my parents always bringing us back special gifts from their adults-only vacations and my Mom telling me about all of the things that she saw/did and thought 'Valerie would love this!'. I suppose that's one of the great parts of being a parent; there's always someone waiting for you to share your travel stories with and someone to wholeheartedly miss--which makes your homecoming that much sweeter.

  2. Thank you Valerie! Yes, I suppose it won't get easier, but you're right! It was kinda nice to be so excited to go home - none of that post-vacay let down, you know?

  3. Laura, thinking how much I am loving these Boston photos. whether it is improved photography skills or just iphone goodness, I do love what I see. I think your eye for pictures has greatly developed, I am thinking I just may have to do a 'little book' for you guys. p.s. Loved hanging with Eli this past weekend.

  4. Oh thank you! That's so nice of you to say, especially because you're such an amazing and talented photographer yourself. I think it's probably just iphone filters. :)