Worth Sharing

The "family dinner" seems to be the new thing to do - and I'm all for it. But admittedly, there's quite a bit of unrealistic pressure on how it should look. Let's take it down a notch and just get the chicken on the table. 

I shared this over on Facebook, but many of you asked for the talk I went to before writing this post on worry and our children. The talk hasn't been posted online yet, but the speaker did write a blog post that summed it up quite well. Here it is.

Over the years I've waffled back and forth in my love for DIY. Most of the time I'm obsessed, but other times I hate it as much as Eli hates being told to, "Eat what I've made you, cause Momma's not making anything else." I've slowly been learning when to DIY, and when it's best to just pull out the wallet - but not before I committed all seven of these deadly DIY sins. Check 'em out. Can anyone relate?

World's youngest female billionaire and genius. Love stories like these - just makes me wonder what I might have missed out on because I actually did finish college ... one can dream.

Clever writing advice. Always love these, but never remember them. Oops.

The age of uncontrollable fame and how the pendulum swings. "You could go to bed one night your regular self, and wake up to find you are an icon — but you won't get to decide what you represent." What Alex from Target teaches us about fame in the internet age. 

"You are not running late, you are rude and selfish." Think about it. I sure did.

Over the past five years, my nuclear family has expanded from a family of five to a family of 14, soon to be 15 with baby girl. Basically, we've exploded and therefore have had to quickly learn how to travel well together. So, I shared my top tips for traveling with extended family and small children over on Twin Cities Moms Blog. 

Plus as a follow up to the post here on OA about my Sick Toddler Toolkit, I shared my best tips for taming the cough that follows our children around all winter on TCMB as well. Some great discussion in the comments too, so be sure to check those out!

And finally, just a little housekeeping update: I'm going to be sharing my New Mom Confessions over on Facebook and a bit on the 'gram from now on, because I keep forgetting them by the time I sit down to write the post. So follow along over there if you want to feel better about your mothering. Like how I kneed Eli in the face during a dance party the other morning and now every time I ask him to dance he says, "Dance? Ouch." Yes, I'm a rock-star mom over here. 


  1. I think you must have been eavesdropping at our house lately! Mike and I just had the discussion about how I need to relax about dinners, because I was spending every weeknight in the kitchen and ignoring him and the girls. We also had the discussion about lateness...yup, you've got my house bugged.

  2. The article about dinner was really interesting. I think that is an area I've just continually battled this fall...and I'd never considered the fact that I put false pressure and guilt on myself to make an 'amazing meal'. I totally agreed that it can seem like anything less than organic, non-processed, pinterest perfect dinners is not the 'right' way to feed my family. But in my real world, I'm battling challenges of finding meals that please babies and foodie adults, picky toddlers and hungry daddies. This was encouraging to stop over thinking it, and not feel guilty. I bet I would cook better meals if I stopped worrying about what I SHOULD cook and just do what our family likes!

    Also - loved that bit about being on time. I remember one of my college professors saying that "people aren't accidentally late, they choose to be late". That changed my perspective about habitual lateness!

  3. I shared that post about being late. It's my pet peeve and I can't stand it! You're basically saying that your time is more important than mine. *end rant* Great post!

  4. Haha, it's my pet peeve too! And I feel SO terrible when I am late, because I know it (sometimes) is for selfish reasons! :)

  5. I do the same things with dinner! Ever since I switched to more of a "one-dish wonder" philosophy, it has been better though. No more pressure on getting three different dishes on the table, means I can just focus well on one!

  6. Muhahahaha - now you know my secret! But seriously, that's crazy that you and Mike have been talking about this stuff!