Worth Sharing

As we head into Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought I'd share a few extra articles in the "Worth Sharing" for reading over the long holiday weekend. Enjoy, and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Facebook and Apple have now began offering female employees egg freezing benefits. While this could be seen as a great benefit (And definitely would be for some women!), it also seems a bit sketchy - as the Financial Times in London puts it, "Benefits are social indicators ... it implies that women should consider deferring childbirth if they want to do well in their jobs." Something to think about.

Anyone listening to the Serial Podcast yet? I'm a few episodes in and am totally hooked. A perfect way to pass the time while washing dishes or on a long drive. It's essentially a murder mystery, but not scary (I'm a total wimp), and I cannot figure out what's going to happen. If you like This American Life, you'll love this - it's from the same people!

 "When it comes to thinness, 'effort' is unbecoming." Why nobody wants to be the girl on a diet. 

The cool kids in high school turn out to be not so hot in adulthood. 

"How could gluten, present in a staple food that has sustained humanity for thousands of years, have suddenly become so threatening?" Seriously, this is a question that rolls around in my head all the time. The New Yorker looks for answers. 

Ever heard of the term "basic girl?" (There's another, more offensive term, but I won't use it here.) It's a new trendy insult for women just like me - those that fall into stereotypical consumption habits, like shopping at Target and drinking Starbucks. A good perspective on the term, and why I've decided it doesn't matter if I fall into that category or not. 

I don't read "Ask Amy," and I usually steer away from all advice columns, but this was one good answer to a very sad question. It's almost hard for me to believe the question is real. 

There is always a way to survive. What $100 in NYC teaches us about being brave. 

"Older women mock young mothers for being so safety-conscious. Younger women dismiss older women because they don’t know the latest car seat safety standards, or they suggest that the baby would sleep better on his stomach." Found this article about mothering in the internet age so true. How we research and learn about motherhood is so different than it used to be that it can be hard for various generations to understand one another - but there is still so much value in learning from the women who have gone before us. A great reminder. 

Looking forward to reading this new book, Mom Enough, about competitive mothering and gospel grace. Some great authors in there offering their thoughts!

Do you ever get creeped out when you're shopping online for boots or jewerly or something, then you start seeing it advertised every where you go on the great wild web? I know I do. It's called re-marketing or behavioral advertising - but did you know you can opt out of it? They're testing a new system, right over here.

Every year, Mike and I deep fry a turkey for our annual Friendsgiving. And each year we intentionally make a too-large turkey so we'll have leftovers to eat for weeks on end because it's so delicious. Here's a great roundup of 10 turkey sandwiches to make if you're in the same boat. 

The other day on Twin Cities Moms blog, I shared why I don't like being pregnant - even though I have absolutely no reason not to - anyone with me?

My friend Anna at Girl With Blog just came out with her first e-book and I couldn't be more excited for her! It's a holiday devotion for moms that are short and to the point for busy moms that runs for the month of December. If you're interested, you can purchase the e-book righta' here. 


  1. We're listen-to-Serial-while-washing-the-dishes twinsies! :) I'm hooked too!!