This Is How I Feel, XVIII

When I feel braxton hicks contractions and am trying to determine if it's real labor. (If that's my face - probably not.)

When my toddler is repeating the same word over and over and over again and I'm just trying to not go crazy. 

When I hear my husband's going to be working late.

When I tell my toddler "No." and he actually obeys. 

When I hit my nine month prego belly on counters, door frames, etc. and am trying to act like 1) It didn't happen and 2) It didn't hurt.

When my husband tells me I'm behaving worse than my toddler. 

When my son obviously ignores me as I'm calling to him to "Come here."

Around 9 a.m. when my toddler's been up all night - even if I'm in a room full of people.

When I finally get my toddler to eat something he's been refusing all day - like sneaking turkey in his "tatos."

When I see my toddler begins to initiate good behavior with other children on his own.
When I go to pick up my son from the babysitters.

When I'm about to meet a new mom-friend and am trying to not act nervous hoping she'll like me.

When I've been single-parenting for a while and am trying to get revved up for another day. 

When I have a babysitter for an appointment, but it gets done early and I have an hour to do whatever I want.

And ... what I do and how I feel during the above said hour.


  1. Oh man, the Jack Nicholson and Kristin Wiig one had me cracking up! Love this series. :)

  2. You nail it every single time!