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A few links to get you through the holiday break! I'm not sure what my posting schedule will be over the next couple of weeks, but it will likely be much lighter than usual so I can spend time with family. (And maybe have a baby?) I'll still be over on Facebook and Instagram periodically though and of course if baby girl decides to arrive, I'll definitely pop in to share! 

I love when UPS shows up at my door and brings me a package. Mostly because I usually can't even remember what I ordered, so it's like Christmas every. single. time. (Is that bad?) But who knew all the rigamarole they go through - 19 fascinating secrets of UPS drivers. 

When did you start teaching your toddler to drink from a "grown up" cup? I hadn't even thought about it for Eli until I ran across this article - people apparently start working with toddlers on it at 15 months! Seriously, I want to know - should I start? I must admit, I love me those no-spill sippy cups! (ps. The article is actually a great source for a toddler cup round up - if you're in the market.)

Sometimes, people are so dumb I can hardly believe what I'm reading is true. The pilots of Instagram.

Heard of a flat white coffee? I never had until this article. I asked for one at a local coffee shop the other day and I must admit - it tasted just like a cappuccino. Hmm.

Know who Jenna Lyons is? She's the president and creative director of J.Crew - and apparently she's pretty likable. How to be powerful, likable and female - lessons from Jenna Lyons.

It's true, we're an obsessive cultural. But why do we become obsessed with the things we do? And are they really as popular as we think? This will make you think. (Especially if you've hopped on the Serial bandwagon!)

What the US Doesn't Understand about ISIS. And if you don't understand ISIS, this is a good documentary about the rise of ISIS my husband and I watched. There are a few graphic scenes which I'm never a fan of, but I think it's important to be educated, so it's worth watching and looking away if you're disturbed.

What happens when you actually live according to Pinterest. I think this is probably pretty accurate. (Language warning.)

An interesting opinion piece in The New York Times citing research from Britain’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence that in an uncomplicated pregnancy a midwife is safer than a doctor for delivery. Food for thought.

Loved this interview with Christopher Kimball of Cook's Illustrated. So many great points in here, but my favorite is how he challenges that cooking is not an art, it's a science.You have to work at being a good cook, and your only goal should be turning out good food that's healthy, but that takes practice - and a recipe.

And finally, I've been over on Twin Cities Moms Blog a few times - today I'm sharing some DIY marble art that is SO easy, you all must try it. And the other day I shared what to pack in your hospital bag. Baby girl is still not here and I am so ready for her! That pic above from Eli meeting Santa for the first time just about sums up how I feel about the fact that I'm still holding her in my belly and not in my arms.


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