Eli - 21 Month Update

Naps: One nap a day, around 1 p.m. for two to three and a half hours.
Feeding: Two percent milk (16-20 oz./day), water all day, table foods three times a day with a snack after nap.
Clothing: 24 month and some 2T
Bedtime: 7:30 - 8 p.m. Sleeps 12-13 hours each night.

No true change here. Overall he eats everything. His latest favorites (beyond cheese and carbs) are peas, clementines, peanut butter and beans. He really likes to stab the beans and peas with a fork, so I wonder if they're a favorite more because they're a game, than the actual taste. Whatever works!

Another great month for sleeping. He had a lot of late nights with the holidays though, and usually we find when he goes to be late (after 8 p.m.) he wakes eariler, like 6:30 or 7 a.m., so we really try to get him down around 7:30 p.m. when we can - to ensure we can sleep in too! Mike has been home a whole bunch over the holidays and paternity leave for Colette, so many mornings we've brought Eli into our bed so we can sleep longer. Eli loves snuggling with us and it really is bliss - but I fear we've created a bad habit. Almost every morning his first request when we snag him from the crib is, "Bed? Sunggle? Nigh, nigh?" It's adorable on the days it works with our schedule, but not so adorable when we can't and he ends up in tears, begging us to not change his clothes but to take him to our bed. Oh dear.

His words continue to explode with growth. We get quite a bit of three words in a row. Or lots of one word sentences that sound like a full one. Like "Play. Come on. Teepee. Elephant." Aka: "Come into my teepee and play with me and my elephant."

He actually is getting better with colors, and usually gets it right with his second guess. As with most stuff, he's way better when it's just Mike and I working with him, than when other people are around or there's lots going on and he's distracted. He's getting better and better with songs and it's so cute to see him finish a line from a song by shouting the word. He can count to six, but it's lots of guessing after four. Or he'll just repeat, "six" over and over again. So I guess he can't really count to six. Just about to six.

He continues to be more brave with climbing anything around. He loves climbing on things and shouting, "Watch!" (Above.) with a huge grin and he's almost always willing to do stairs now rather than be carried. Which is good for me now that Colette is here!

Another really fun thing is to see him remembering people. We work with pictures of people a lot to learn names, and getting all the Christmas cards in the mail has definitely upped his identification game. He can even remember other things about people, like "Papa, Iowa." It's pretty amazing.

Books, music, coloring and just general, "Play! Toys!" are big likes this month. He's really into grabbing someone's finger - he'll come to someone and request, "Finger?" and pull them to where he wants to play - usually his new teepee. He loves music and dancing (Above.) and will often break into spontaneous dancing for Colette, dancing next to her bouncer while shouting," Dance!" He also requests Mike and I to sing to him all. the. time. He even has soundtrack requests, "Jesus" (Jesus Loves Me), "Victory" (Victory in Jesus), "Grace" (Amazing Grace), "Wheels" (Wheels on the Bus), "Big" (By God is So Big) and AB's (The ABC's) are his current favorites.

He loves going to see his friends and I just love a morning when I get to tell him we're going to play with them. He gets so excited and is extra obedient and will start shouting his friends names while sprinkling in the words, "Fun! Play!" He's also still really into animals and I swear he thinks there's an alligator in our backyard. He constantly goes to the back window to point and shout, "Alligator!" along with "Birds! Squirrel!" and other animals that actually live back there.

Hmm, donno, we do have a pond, so maybe he thinks it's in there? Nearly every day he requests we go to the zoo, so we took him to a local zoo over Christmas and he nearly passed out from excitement. He spent the entire time running from exhibit to exhibit asking for more. Seriously, we didn't even use the stroller we brought. I think he slept for four hours that afternoon, he was so worn out!

He also loves being outside. He always has, but it's another level now that there is snow. He constantly requests to play in the snow, and thankfully Mike's been great about taking him out. He loves shoveling and while it used to get kinda annoying when we had a fresh snow that needed shoveling - these days there's a huge celebration in our house when new snow comes because it's, "Shovel time!"

Dislikes are the same as other months  - not getting his way, having to stop playing to "listen to mommy/daddy," and all the other usual stuff.

Momma/Daddy Update:
We're doing awesome over here. We've only been a family of four for just over a week, but already it's so fun. We've loved watching Eli love on his sister, and it's been fun to have life slow down this past week to really enjoy both kiddos. We spend a lot of time in our bedroom, hanging out on the bed and just playing around. Eli looks like a total beast next to Colette and we keep asking each other if he really was that big before Colette arrived, or if he suddenly went through a crazy growth spurt overnight. Having Colette around is a good reminder of how fast this time goes - hard to believe only 21 months ago, Eli was just as small as her! So we're reminded to soak up our time with both of them because it truly does go so fast.


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