Eli's Toddler Room Reveal!

I think children's rooms are by far my favorite kind of rooms to decorate. There's just this "anything goes" mentality where you can go crazy with color and types of decor and somehow it all works. While I was super sad to see Eli's nursery go (to see all the details, check this post). We ended up turning his room into baby girl's nursery and letting Eli move into the guest bedroom next door. (I was also sad to see that room go!)

It was so fun to work in a bit darker, moodier room - if you've seen the rest of the house, you know I LOVE white and this is the only room in the entire house I haven't painted. The color was perfect for creating a little boy's room and worked well with much of what we already had. My main goals with both of the nurseries was to: 1) As much as possible, use what we already had on-hand. 2) Spend as little money as possible on anything additional we needed. 3) Unless we already had it, DIY all the artwork (see point number two).

So here it is!
I picked up the Kallax bookshelf from Ikea and styled it with things from Eli's old nursery and a few sentimental items we inherited when my father-in-law passed away. The grey bins we already had from Eli's nursery and the woven ones are from Ikea. They hold clothes, books and special toys I keep hidden away for crib time. (ps. Having toys that can only come out at crib time, makes it WAY more appealing!)

The chair is from West Elm, we read with Eli a lot and we really wanted to be sure there was a cozy spot we could hang out in while we read. The pillow is from Target and the side table is from Eli's old nursery. The curtains are what we already had in this room (I believe they are originally Ikea) and I just added black-out lining to them so they'd be toddler-ready.

I made the bear tapestry with materials we already had at home. I just drew the bear on some old blue fabric, cut it out and used fusible webbing to put the bear on a piece of linen-blend fabric I had. To make it more "tapestry-like" I stapled it onto furring strips and hung it with screw eyes and twine. It was super easy

The pouf is from Etsy - the shop had a great black Friday deal running if you purchased two, so I picked up one for Eli's room and one for Colette's nursery. The rug is Ikea. Ever since it came out I've been dying to find a place in our home for it, so as soon as we decided to give Eli a new room, it was the first thing I purchased. 

The crib is Ikea and the artwork and arrows (tutorial here) are all from Eli's old nursery. The tiny, little zebra and owl are from Eli's old mobile. Eli now sleeps with a pillow and a blanket; the pillow is from his old nursery and I made the blanket as a Christmas gift for him. 

You also might recognize the light. We just swapped lights in each room. So Eli kept the drum light and the guest room chandy went into Colette's nursery.

A month or so after Eli officially moved into this room, I picked up this utility cart from Ikea. We realized we needed a space near his crib to hold a few small items - things like his water (he always asks for a drink before bed), tissues for runny noses or small spills, and his glasses while he sleeps. We also store his socks, extra hats and gloves and diapers and wipes in it. It's not the most beautiful, but it's super functional.

And that's the room! It's super cozy and fun to spend time in. Now that we have toys and books in here, I've found all four of us spend a lot of time in here reading together, playing on the floor, watching Eli climb on and jump off the pouf, and just generally play around. It's such a fun space to be in!


  1. Looks great! :) I love all the little animal details!

  2. I'm totally crushing on this room! Our boys are about the same age apart as yours and we still haven't moved the older one into the big boy room. You make me want to take the plunge!

  3. I love that utility cart!

  4. Thank Carolyn! I know - Eli loves animals, so I had to include lots of them!

  5. Do it! I have decided boys rooms are super fun to decorate. You can do it!