Colette's Pink and Plumb Nursery

When we found out we were having a girl, I kept thinking about how I'm so excited to have a "pedi and a latte" buddy for the rest of my life, quickly followed by excitement to put together a girl nursery. 

But one of the challenges with Colette's room was that I was working with a base from Eli's old nursery. Thankfully, I had planned ahead when purchasing items for his room, and all the big items were pretty much gender neutral. I went with a pink and plumb color scheme, and just like in Eli's toddler room, the name of the game was to keep costs low, particularly by DIYing as much as I could. 

So here it is!

The glider is our original one, but I added a new pillow and throw, both from Home Goods. The curtains are Ikea Miriam curtains ($10/panel!), and the side table is one we used to have in our living room for a while. It was hot pink, but I sprayed it gold. (I think it was originally Home Goods?)

The booties were a gift from my parents, the frame is old (Those are Eli's feet in the photo!) and I painted an old canvas I had lying around with a simple heart. The bear was a gift at one of Eli's showers, I just switched the old red plaid bow with a pink one. 

I painted the top piece of art (Let's be honest, I ripped off something I saw on Pinterest.) and the bottom is a scrap piece of wallpaper from a project in the living room. The frames are all old Ikea Ribba Frames. 

You've already seen the star decal wall Mike and I created in partnership with Dana Decals. (Full post on the star wall right here.) But I want to talk about it again for a second, because this is what really makes the room. It's a huge statement, essentially a piece of art in and of itself! I loved it when we completed it and I'm still in love with it today. 

The crib sheet is from Target, the basket an ages old DIY and the rug is from Eli's nursery, originally Crate & Barrel. 

The pouf is from an Etsy shop. The light pink color was super hard to find, it was the only place I found that carried the blush pink color I wanted. I was really nervous to pull the trigger on ordering it because you never really know if it will match the pictures or not, but thankfully it did!

The chandelier is from the old guest room. As I mentioned in Eli's toddler room post, we just swapped fixtures between the two rooms. I originally got the chandy from my mother-in-law, it was your typical 90's suburban brass chandelier, I just spray painted it white and added new bulbs.

The dresser is from Eli's nursery, I just swapped out the knobs for something a little more feminine. The canvas art is the same quote I had in Eli's nursery - I loved it so much I wanted it to still be in Colette's nursery, but the blue color of the original artwork wasn't really working in here. 

So I painted an old canvas, then added the quote in a gold decal. Once again I worked with Dana Decals to complete it. They're so great with custom work, I just sent them a mock up of what I was looking for and the next thing I knew, the decal was on my doorstep, ready to be applied!

I didn't change much in the closet corner. I swapped out a couple of baskets - the new pink ones are from Home Goods, that's about it!

The clear bookshelves stayed as well, while Eli has tons of books in his new room, he still loves coming in here for "sister's books."

And that's the room!

Colette has yet to sleep in here, but Eli has a few times before his room was ready, and he tells me it's "Niiiiiice."

So, well, there's that. I'll take it.


  1. hamiltonjules@hotmail.comFebruary 4, 2015 at 1:37 PM

    100% fun to read, and to view, Laura! I especially like the Chronicles of Narnia quote you chose, and the DIY's. I can Eli saying that, too. How fun! Early congratulations to you and your family. :)

  2. Beautiful. I am really impressed with your decorating. My daughter's room has blackout shades thumb tacked and duct taped around her windows. It is not attractive. But it helps her sleep so I don't care. Do the star decals twinkle, will they be distracting during nap time and night time?

  3. Thanks Megan! Blackout shades are a MUST with kiddos! The stars to twinkle a bit (they're quite shiny) but our shades are blackout too, so they don't have the light to shine during naps and bedtime. But good question!

  4. Thanks Julie! Hope all is well with you!

  5. It's so pretty! I'm OBSESSED with that pouf!