No-Sew DIY Nylon Baby Headbands

When I found out I was having a baby girl, I immediately started dreaming about headbands and hair bows and barrettes and mini top knots and all the other fun things I would be able to do with my someday-daughter's hair.

Well, my someday-daughter is finally here and since she arrived with the fullest-of-full head of hair, I'm ready to get my hairstyling hat on immediately with her. But as I started shopping around to build my stash of hair accessories, I was shocked at how expensive everything was - especially headbands!

Before Colette arrived, I did purchase two headbands from Carters on clearance, and wouldn't you know, they were too small for even her three-day-old newborn head - leaving marks across her forehead after just ten minutes of wear. Waste. Of. Money.

Then one day someone let me borrow a headband for Colette and they mentioned it was made out of nylons.


Immediately I was all like, "I can make that in two seconds! Craft Corner here I come!" (Yes, this is a real location in my home.)

The next day I rummaged around my sock drawer and pulled out a pair of old tights and grabbed some ribbon from my ribbon stash. (Yep, I save every, single ribbon I can get my grubby hands on and you should too - doesn't matter how small it is, it's amazing how many projects I find for the stuff.)

And then I set about making these:
This isn't a tutorial per say. It's too easy and brainless for a full blown tutorial. I'm sure you could figure it out on your own by just looking at the photos, but if you want a bit of an explanation, here's what you do: Just cut about a one inch strip horizontally across an old pair of nylons or tights. You'll want to cut across the ankle/calf for a newborn and across the thigh for an older child. Give it a quick roll across your fingers and you'll find it rolls up nicely, hiding any jagged edges (not that I had any). Then add your ribbon of choice. Some ribbons I just tied on, and others I tied into a bow, then hot glued them on to the outer edge of the headband. 

And that's it! There you have a whole set of FREE headbands for your baby girl.

Not gonna lie, I'm still planning on purchasing a few from Etsy (I mean, have you seen the turbans some of the shops sell?!) but these have been great to get me my headband fix and it's great to have so many color options when I get Colette all gussied up in the morning. 

Now go forth and make your baby girl a set!


  1. This is such a great idea! I can imagine it would be fun to make a set as a little baby gift for friends, too. You always inspire me with your craftiness. If you made baby moccasins, I have to imagine you could make your own baby turbans. :)

  2. Laura, these are awesome ... and not too gaudy! Very fun! If you find a good turban tutorial, let us know. I am actually as interested in them for myself (so I can go out in public with non-awesome hair!).