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A thought-provoking piece on where moms really get their theology.

"The North." While I'll always be an IOWAGIRLFORLIFE, I have grown to love MN nearly as much (and that's saying a lot). Yep, Minny is definitely this cool and I support the new name.

I was most definitely the girl that was never allowed to wear Abercrombie, let alone step foot in their store. And for good reason. (Thanks momma for protecting me - I'm finally mature enough to recognize it as such; 15 years later. #latebloomer) While I couldn't care less about the company, I found this article during a late night nursing sesh, and it was fascinating, and also terribly sad. But mostly fascinating.

Have you heard of Boomerang? It's an extension for your browser to automatically send emails at a later time. It's pretty much something I invented in my head about five years ago when I started working, so I've decided I'm sorta gonna take credit for it. I was ahead of my time, I tell ya.

"Death to the chicken finger." Yes, yes, yes. Great article on creating (or not creating) picky eaters. The tips in here are the same ones we use with Eli. At least most of the time - when I'm feeing incredibly empowered and steadfast in my motherhood skilz. Okay, so that's like actually none of the time. But I really do try! Read this one. It's a good one.

Five ways to teach your kids theology. I'm always looking for ways to incorporate this into Eli's and my (and now Colette's) day. These are nothing life-shattering, but good reminders.

So, most of the time I love social media, but then every once in a while I'll read something like this, "How One Stupid Tweet Destroyed Justine Saccos Life," and basically want to delete all my accounts and go live under a rock. I had actually never heard this story before this article (So apparently I do live under a rock already?) but it's a good reminder to be super thoughtful and careful with what I post online.

"Sponsored by my husband: Why it's a problem writers never talk about where their money comes from."  I like to tell myself I'm able to purchase my own lattes and clothes through this blog, let's be honest, Mike totally sponsors this place. He's completely the reason I'm able to stay home with the kids, and take time to write here, and I'm so thankful he supports me wholeheartedly! A good read for anyone who likes to write, or is curious about the industry.


  1. I took a look at the "Death to the Chicken Finger" article because I am always hopeful that I can expand my toddler's diet. He doesn't have a bad diet. It is low in salt and sugar and processed food, but he will not eat any of the meals that I prepare for dinner unless it is pasta with tomato sauce. He always just removes what I prepare from his plate and says "No my want it. Mommy want it." So I give him a separate meal. I just think I would feel too harsh if I sat there and ate my meal while he ate nothing and then sent him off to bed. I've certainly thought about it, but I don't know if it's time to take that plunge. He is 2 and a half. You or any other readers have to go this route?

  2. First of all, how your son talks is adorable! As for how we do it, basically the article is what we do - he has to eat what we eat. I tell him that this is the only food momma is making, he can eat that, but he doesn't have to - but I'm also not making anything else, so there will be no more food and he has to wait until mommy and daddy are done to leave his high chair. If he refuses to eat at the time, but asks for food later that day (like right after nap) I offer him the same plate again, instead of his usual snack foods (like cheese, raisins, etc.) and he just keeps getting offered the plate of food each time he asks to eat.

    Now that's the theory and what I try to stick to. BUT...

    ... like you, I can't bear to send him to bed hungry, so if he hasn't eaten usually right before bed, we give him greek yogurt or something healthy with protein that I know he likes, just so he's not waking in the middle of the night to eat (which has happened before when we didn't send him to bed with food in his belly). I would say more often than not, Eli does end up eating the food during the meal. Sometimes it takes him a while, or a tantrum & timeout then back to the table - and it's remarkable how often he comes back with a good attitude and eats at least part of his meal. Or other times, if he refuses his lunch all afternoon, he usually comes to dinner super hungry and gobbles it up.

    The thing is, I KNOW he likes the food, he just likes other stuff better, so he begs for that. If he truly didn't like the meal, I'd make something different, but that's not usually the case. Also, when were in public, all bets are off - no promises on my parenting tactics. :)

  3. ps. going to share this on my fb page next week - it's a good question, I'd love to hear what other moms do. Just a heads up if you'd like more opinions!