Eli - 23 Month Update

As usual for me lately, this post is coming super late! While I wrote the post about three weeks ago, I kept waiting for a chance to take different photos for this month as Eli wasn't in a very good mood the day we tried to - aka - he woke early from a nap, was super grumpy and wouldn't smile. But oh well, real life, right?

Naps: One nap a day, around 1 p.m. for two to three and a half hours.
Feeding: Two percent milk (16-20 oz./day), water all day, table foods three times a day with a snack after nap.
Clothing: 2T
Bedtime: 7:30 - 8 p.m. Sleeps 12-13 hours each night.

Eating: I think he went through a growth spurt this month, because it felt like I could never give this little boy enough food! He's super agreeable to really eat anything now, I feel like we've finally pushed past some of the pickiest eating days. For a long time I wondered if that Baby Led Weaning method worked because he was so finicky with food, but these days, Eli eats everything. Particularly now that we can barter with him, I can tell him he needs to finish his meal and then he can have bread/chips/dessert/etc. It's amazing that it works, and often he forgets that he even wanted the other food! Of course, when he requests food, he still wants grilled cheese, quesadillas, anything with cheese, but overall he happily eats anything I put in front of him. 
Totally back to normal here. I don't think we had a night waking all month! Which was so nice for me! His naps really range from 1.5 hours to four hours, usually around two hours, but they're a little all over the place for duration. For him to wake up happy though, he really needs to get the two full hours, so it always stinks when he wakes early!
This kid is a chatter box - we're now up to five word sentences. His first one was "Momma sit down, righ' here!" (Eli has never been shy about letting me know exactly what he wants.) He's getting better at stringing the words together without the pauses in between so it feels like I'm actually having full conversations with him instead of cave-man talk. 

He continues to love imaginary play and I'm always amazed at the things he comes up with. I'm starting to realize what a sponge he is because often, he'll start saying/doing something that I KNOW I haven't ever done or taught him. Like one day he came home from nursery singing "Ring around the Rosies" - he'd just hum the main tune, then shout, "All fall down!" and collapsed on the floor. I was shocked! 

He's also really into always having a buddy help him do something or play along side him. He lost a bit of his stamina for independent play this month, but I think it's likely because of all the transition we've put him through. He always wants, "Momma's help, Momma play, Momma finger - walk?" I love that he loves to play with me, but it's been a bit hard with how clingy he his. He started to not like it when I'm holding Colette and will shout, "No, no, no, Colette down. Momma play." It breaks my heart that I'm having to teach him to "share" his momma with his sister. 

He's still really into shouting his colors, counting randomly and singing his ABC's. His colors are down pat, but the numbers and letters are sorta a grab bag for what you'll get, which is completely adorable. 

Mommy/Daddy Update:
We're doing really well. I've really begun enjoying Eli's age - he's an absolute riot to be around and I feel like I'm either doubled over with laughter over the funny things Eli says and does all day, or I'm sitting there guessing out loud what he's trying to tell me and we both end up giggling when start to realize it's a lost cause. He's just so adorable when he's trying to say something but can't remember how! While our lives were still in a lot of upheaval this past month, I was so impressed with how well Eli did. He spent nearly a week with each grandparent set as we flew to Chicago with Colette, and while each time we had a couple days of him transitioning back to - well, not getting what he wanted all. the. time. and being told "No." again - overall, he did awesome and Mike and I love seeing him continue to get closer and closer to our extended family. I'm looking forward to this next month with him - while we'll still be in a lot of transition as we FINALLY make the move to temp housing in Chicago - we won't be tossing Eli around so much, so I'm hoping the move goes smoothly for Eli since Mike and I will be around all the time to care for him and give him some much needed consistency and security. 


  1. I've noticed the increased appetite with Cayden too, can't get that boy full!

  2. Love this age! It's so fun when your child starts to have conversations with you, and share what they are really thinking and feeling. I've absolutely enjoyed the 2-2.5 stage, and aside from normal discipline issues, it's SOOOO much better than the young toddler stage. I often have to remind myself that Gabe and Cal will be where Lewis is in one year, and then my heart is going to be exploding over all the conversations and play.

  3. Haha, it seems like they go through it every through months, doesn't it?!

  4. I know, it seriously gets better and better each month and more than ever I feel like he's my "friend" and my baby boy, you know? Yes, the twins will be out of that cave man stage soon enough! ;)