Eli's Cool New Rides + A Scooter Giveaway!

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When we packed up for our move to Chicago, we had to be pretty selective with what we brought to temporary housing for the eight weeks or so that we'd be living here. Before the movers came, we made a pile of things we wanted to bring with us - which was basically just a giant mountain of kid's stuff and a little, itty, bitty pile of adult stuff - because as we all know, those tiny people require SO. MUCH. HUGE. STUFF. Since we had to fit everything into Mike and I's two cars for the trip, we had to be pretty selective - which meant I brought only a small basket of toys for Eli. There just wasn't much room for much beyond the essentials of things like high chairs, pack n' plays, the stroller, carseats, the kids themselves, etc. And since it was snowing out when we moved, I didn't even think to bring outdoor toys for Eli to play with.

So it was perfect timing when the folks at Little Tikes sent us a Cozy Coupe Sport and a Lean to Turn Scooter for Eli to play with. The weather was just turning nicer here, which meant he could get a lot of use out of them right away.

When we opened the Cozy Coupe, Eli went bizerk: "Blue car! Eli's blue car! So cool!" He thinks it's pretty sweet that he has his own car that he gets to drive all by himself.

Each morning he gets in his car, loads it with as many stuffed animals as he can, and he tells me they're all going one of three places: the zoo to see alligators, Costco for samples or Target for a cookie.

Sounds like a pretty great run of errands to me.

He also loves just pushing it around - and can I just say? I don't remember the older ones having these, but this Cozy Coupe has a parent handle - see that lime green bar? Well, it folds up and I can push it around as easily as I can push a stroller. It's awesome and a total back saver.

As for the scooter, I'm actually surprised at just how much Eli likes it and how well he does on it. I wasn't quite sure if he could figure it out at just 24 months, but he picked it up super quickly - every day as we go get the mail, Eli gets super excited to take his scooter with.

Although, honestly, right now, after The Great Flat Tire of 2015, all he really wants to do is change the tires on it: "Flat tire momma, Eli fix. Eli save day!"

And good news! Today Little Tikes wants to give one of you these scooters as well, so their giving one away to one lucky Oakland Avenue reader! They have tons of colors to choose from too! The giveaway will be open through Sunday, April 26, 2015, and the winner will be announced on Monday, April 27, 2015. Open to U.S. mailing addresses only.

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  1. This car is so cute! I think I'll have to get this for Jack for his birthday. The parent handle is what makes it for me since we take many walks that end up with me carrying Jack in one hand and his ride on toy in the other!

  2. Do it! The parent handle is AMAZING. Seriously, Eli LOVES to be pushed in it and it's a total life saver!