Worth Sharing (& A Giveaway!)

Okay, the fun news first! See that mug up there, right next to Colette? The one that's reminding me of my morning mantra when both kids are up and at 'em at 6:45 a.m. and I'm struggling to see straight? Well, I'm partnering up with the fabulous shop, Sweet Water Decor to give one away to all of YOU over on the Oakland Avenue Facebook page to celebrate 1,000 likes! To thank all of you for your awesome support, one winner can pick any mug from Sweet Water Decor they'd like - and they have an awesome selection you all need to check out. All you need to do to enter is be sure you "Like" the OA page, and you can "Like" the Sweet Water Decor FB page for an extra entry. Then, just "Like" the "1K GIVEAWAY" post on the OA Facebook page for an official entry. *Just a quick heads up, I know there are many of you who regularly interact with the page (Which I LOVE, thank you!) but you don't actually "Like" the page - be sure that button is BLUE so you're eligible to win.

Okay, on to the regularly scheduled Worth Sharing: 

In defense of roughhousing. Roughhousing "'makes kids smart, emotionally intelligent, lovable and likable, ethical, physically fit and joyful.' In short, roughhousing makes your kids awesome." Yep, with Mike in the house, our kids are going to be verrrry well developed.

A very hot topic lately, and one that I'm somewhat torn on. I think logically I want to be the "free-range parent," but when it comes right down to it, my emotional, protective momma-bear side says NO WAY. Although I will admit it's gone too far. The Case for Free Range Parenting. 

Target. I love you. A great round up of Target picks by one of my favorite designers. (And if you like design at all, even a teeny-tiny-little-itty-bitty-bit you should be following her blog. She's a momma too!)

A sweet DIY toddler art piece. Definitely want to try this with Eli and Colette in the new house!

Oh my word. If you have an iPhone, READ and feel identified with.  24 Pictures That Are Way Too Real for People with iPhones.

Genius Ikea wall light hack. Probably doing this in the new house too. 

Clean up your life. Just do it. How To Opt Out Of Everything.

Okay, now go over and make sure you're entered to win a mug of your choice from Sweet Water Decor. I'll be randomly selecting the winner and announcing it over on Facebook on Friday, April 10. Good luck!


  1. Colette is SUCH a cutie! That light hack is phenomenal---seriously loving it; and the How to Opt Out of Everything link isn't working....:(

  2. Thanks Valerie! Glad you liked the links - and thanks for the heads up on the link, just fixed it!